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  1. Prerylyon

    6.8 Western

    What does everyone think of this one? The published performance numbers sure look good to me. Not that a rifle can be easily had with all the shortages right now, but man, it looks like Browning & Winchester may have engineered a winner. The twist rate in the production rifles sure look to...
  2. Prerylyon

    Gun Shops - Casper?

    Just seeking a line on gunshops in the Casper area; gonna be heading out soon & like to know what's out there, Thanks! 👍
  3. Prerylyon

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    So, this occured to me the other day; how many rounds do guys take with them on a western big game hunt, say, for 1 tag? I've only been on 4 hunting trips over the last 7 yrs out west. I've taken 20 rounds each time. Thinking about it, that seemed like a lot, and each time where I filled a tag...
  4. Prerylyon

    Green Chile Time!

    My favorite lunch- rellenos, American fries, sweet chile, onion, and some bacon!
  5. Prerylyon

    Iowa Land Hurricane

    These bins are (were) just a mile north of my place; I took the pic today on what would otherwise be a beautiful, late summer day in the rolling prairies; the haze is from smoke from all of us burning downed brush & the wreckage of our outbuildings. The barn was mine; took that Monday right...
  6. Prerylyon

    Iowa Spring Snow

    Woke up to some snow today; just the old hog house at my place.
  7. Prerylyon

    After the Storm

    We had a nasty one come through a few days ago during supper time. There was tennis ball sized hail just a few miles away. Fortunately, we were spared that. After it passed, it made for a nice early spring scene here on the Iowa prairie.
  8. Prerylyon

    Winter Track ID

    So, this could be a fun way to help move winter along? 😊 My little 5 yr old son and I just came in from a midwinter's hike around our place. Its the 1st sunny day in like forever, and temps were nearing 40°, a good excuse to get outside. We found these tracks. They are old, in crusty snow...
  9. Prerylyon

    Seeking Wild Rabbit Recipes

    After several trips afield with no luck connecting on pheasants (worst I've ever seen in 17 yrs of hunting Iowa), but kicking up ample cottontails on my long walks, I think its time to shift gears, and take some bunnies as cold weather sets in! 🐇 I have an Italian inspired 'hunter's rabbit'...
  10. Prerylyon

    Tag Soup 2019

    Alright, things are far enough along now that this thread is about past due...😆 I'll go 1st: I spent 5 glorious days in Wyoming last week. I saw mule deer. I saw whitetail deer. I saw elk. I saw antelope. I saw wolf tracks. I saw black angus. I saw herefords. I saw whiteface. Go beef! lol...
  11. Prerylyon

    In the shadow of the Bighorns - 2019

    Some minor changes this year: 1. I was on the west side of Bighorns 2. I didn't fill my tag What's unchanged? Filling my lungs with fresh, crisp air spiked with the sharp spice of the sagebrush. The therapy of moments of true silence in the wilderness. Thank you, Wyoming for the memories...
  12. Prerylyon

    Gloves - 2019 State of the Union

    Gonna a start a thread on gloves, why?; because its getting cold out and I need a new pair. I'd bet a few of you may also be in the same boat. Did read the July 2018 thread, it has some good ideas. Actually, I hate gloves. But, I hate torn up hands and cold hands even more. 😆 My issue with...
  13. Prerylyon

    Bighorn Basin - Lodging/Food

    Within the next few weeks, I'm hoping to head out to try to punch my doe deer tag (muley or whitey) in the Bighorn Basin. I was unable to make a trip and scout this summer, but there's a lot of accessible public land and WIA in there. I hope to meet up with a buddy for the hunt itself; but...
  14. Prerylyon

    Garden's Last Stand

    Freeze watch/warnings, quiet house (very unusual for a dad of 7-everyone was at sports, work, band, whatever); so I found a few nice Sandia and Espanola chiles still hanging on in my patch; I put them to good use for my solo supper tonite. 😆 Time to haul in whatevers left and usable out back...
  15. Prerylyon

    October in Iowa

  16. Prerylyon

    Measuring Jam Length or Rifle Seating Depth?

    Wanted to reach out to the brain trust to hear how/if everyone measures a jam length COAL for a specific bullet and rifle when they start load development? I've used 2 methods over the past year and gotten different results-which messes with my mojo. Both methods have been around for a long...
  17. Prerylyon

    CBTO - Cartridge Base to Ogive

    CBTO is measure that can seem a bit confounding. Lots of articles and threads where its been praised or argued over. I wanted to share what I found to be one of the best explanations out there of what it is...
  18. Prerylyon

    1st Aid Kits

    What does everyone pack for a 1st aid kit? Say, for a 5+ day back country hunt > 5 miles from the trailhead/truck?
  19. Prerylyon

    Truck Tires - on/off RD

    So, I know this is a hunting site; but I value the opinions of the forum members much. My tundra needs new tires. 255/70R18. I had Generals with more of a road tread, but am dissapointed in them. They seemed to have worn out faster than I expected; and really lacked it on mud, but did ok on...
  20. Prerylyon

    .264 Win Mag on Elk

    So, I have an opportunity to grab a NIB model 70 featherweight in 264 Win Mag at a fire sale. I know the short barrel will loose some speed-I have the exact same gun in 280 Rem-but I really like the short barrel in the field and I just love these rifles. For deer, sheep, antelope I think it...