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  1. 87TT

    WTB 300 Savage Brass

    I am working on some loads for a 300 Savage that I inherited. I am looking for some once fired brass. Reasonable please. Thank you
  2. 87TT

    Hearing aids.

    I posted this on another forum and not sure if this is the right place for it. OK, I've come to the point where I'm seriously thinking about hearing aids. I am 66 years old and truth be known, I probably have needed them for a few years. I had my hearing checked a few years ago and the Doctor...
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    Oops! Just saw this,
  4. 87TT

    Coyote activity

    I was at the county building on business today. I saw this notice on the board by the door. Thought I should pass it along.
  5. 87TT

    Wa. wolves

    Just saw this,
  6. 87TT


    I pulled my game camera card today and found this peeper :eek: Here he is walking away.