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  1. DanPickar

    Detailed Hunt Strategy for Deer and Elk in Montana

    Hey guys, If you have any questions on Montana deer and elk let me know! If you are a current TagHub Elite subscriber you will be able to read my full 5,000 word analysis HERE. If you are not a TagHub Elite member I will be dropping parts of my Montana Analysis every day for next week or so...
  2. DanPickar

    If You Had a Wyoming Commissioner Tag..

    If you were a commissioner tag holder in Wyoming and were going to hunt elk, what unit and why?
  3. DanPickar

    Helicopter Elk hunt!

    If you hate adventure bowhunting don't watch this video! :cool: Premieres at 6 pm MST
  4. DanPickar

    Anyone draw Montana?

    Well 15 years of applying and still haven't drawn and elk tag in MT. Out of those 15, 4 of them I have been a NR, and I still apply for a coveted area (not the elkhorns) but still makes you wonder if I'll ever draw! Anyone out there draw?
  5. DanPickar

    What are your archery optics for out West?

    For spot and stalk hunting I have been going back and forth from a heavier and more expensive RF bino (Zeiss RFs) to a small 8x32 or 10x32 bino paired with a Sig rangefinder. What do you do? One expensive optic or two smaller optics? I'm not worried about spotting scopes with this topic just...
  6. DanPickar

    What's the best fixed blade modern broadhead?

    I am a 4 blade guy and prefer all steel fixed blade heads like a slick trick or Ironwill. Is there anything better out there?
  7. DanPickar

    Eastmans' Hunting TV free on Amazon

    Hey guys! Beyond the Grid TV by Eastmans' is now on Amazon. This is all new content you won't see on TV. All you have to do is visit the and search "beyond the grid tv" or visit the link below. Check it out and most importantly leave me a review...
  8. DanPickar

    Are you buying a new bow this year?

    Hey guys, ATA is coming up and I am curious what the consumer standpoint is this year on new bows. Are you buying a new bow this year or sticking with what you have? Has technology plateaued to the point that it's not worth it to buy new any more? What say you?
  9. DanPickar

    Eastmans newest forum member!

    Hi Guys, My name is Dan Pickar. I began working for Eastmans in 2013 running a camera for the TV show as well as a writer for the magazines. I grew up back country bow hunting in Montana. I live and breathe bow hunting and videography across the west so hopefully I can answer some questions and...