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  1. mosquito

    Montana 143

    Has anyone heard of the bill being proposed in Montana?
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    Ive sure some of you have seen this but i thought i would share. Pretty unbelievable
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    Ive been thinking of getting my ffl for a few years and recently made a few calls to the atf. I was just curious if anyone had one or have ever had one. Been doing a lot of research and just trying to figure out if its worth it.
  4. mosquito

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Its been a crazy year and I've heard a lot of people say " a year to forget " we all have something to be thankful for . I hope everyone enjoys their day and has a wonderful Thanksgiving
  5. mosquito

    Mo money

    Well during my recent trip i figured out i wasn't going happy longterm with my vortex diamondback 20×60×60 spotting scope. I sold it on craigslist for 250.00 yesterday. Anyway im looking at putting another 750.00 dollars or so with it and getting another spotting scope or just a really...
  6. mosquito

    10 years

    Roughly 10 years ago I had a free trial on my local cable provider for I believe outdoor channel. Thats the first time I saw the eastmans show. I had know idea hunting out west was possible diy. I signed up for the magazine and reading all i could. A year or two later i signed up on this...
  7. mosquito

    Bonus and preference points

    We are going to Wyoming this year for antelope and im still trying to figure all that out. We have 7 pp there for mule deer and elk. I have been doing quite a bit of reading and utube watching now for Montana. Im pretty sure i understand the difference now between the bonus point and...
  8. mosquito

    Magazine restrictions?

    I was looking at buying a couple pmags and it made me wonder is there a limit in Wyoming on the number of cartridges allowed when hunting for antelope or any other big game in the state ? I did a quick Google search and found stuff for waterfowl but that was it . Thanks
  9. mosquito

    Truck camper build

    Has anyone else built a sleeping area in the bed of there truck to hunt out of ? Im pretty much just doing this for the drive out there and back maybe a day or so at the end of are trip if we decide to stay longer. We have a shed/cabin booked for 5 days.
  10. mosquito

    Wyoming unit 115

    Does anyone have any information on Wyoming unit 115 ? Don't want any specific details just a few questions. Pm's would be great . thank you
  11. mosquito

    First western hunt 2019

    Hello everyone me and my buddy are going to put are chips in for anelope this year . We have been doing a lot of research and could use a little insight and maybe a confidence boost. We have six points now and I'm assuming by entering the drawing it would be 7 after we apply and pay ...
  12. mosquito

    Hello from ohio

    Hello everyone. First off I want to say thank you for everything you have taught me without knowing . I have been a subscriber to eastmans magazine for a quite some time and been reading on the forum even longer. I imagine I'm very similar to most outdoorsman from the east all my free time is...