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  1. tdub24

    Tripod Heads

    Anybody know what brand of tripod heads uses the square quick release plates?? My current tripod head sits on a small tripod that I use mostly for back pack style hunting. I have since bought a heavy duty tripod for the truck and am looking for a head that will use that type of quick...
  2. tdub24

    2 Blade Fixed Broadhead, No Blood Trail

    Question for all you fixed blade broadhead hunters, I shot my first archery cow on August 11th. It was a double lung shot and she ran off 300 yards. I was unable to find a blood trail but being that it was open sage, she was found by my rescue party pretty easily. My question is, is it normal...
  3. tdub24

    Nres Antlerless Elk Private Lands Only

    Hello neighbor, any private land owners in Utah on here willing to allow me to come shoot a cow?! I typically have the majority of December off and would love to come fill my freezer. Respond or PM if interested or have specific questions. Thank you for your time Thomas
  4. tdub24

    NDOW Commissioners Meeting

    Do any of you fellow Nevadans watch the commissioners meetings on the YouTube?? I came across it yesterday and ended up watching quite a bit of it. Link above they went over shed hunting seasons and the use of trail cameras. Looks like they are...
  5. tdub24

    Mountain Lion Study

    Good morning all, I came across this article about the kill rates of mountain lions conducted in Alberta. Some interesting numbers on how different the prey is for males versus females that I wasn't aware of. If your bored, give it a quick read and comment your thoughts...
  6. tdub24

    Meat Processing

    Any suggestions on a meat processor in the Albuquerque area??
  7. tdub24

    Archery 7 Deer Success

    Finally got my first big game animal with a bow!!! 29" wide x 19-20" tall Bases were only 1.5-2" apart
  8. tdub24

    Unit 5B Early Archery Elk

    Good day folks, unless something catastrophic happens, I will be heading down to 5B to scout some roads. If we get the chance to see some animals that will be an added bonus. My question for those familiar with the area is where is the closest motel/hotel to the unit?? Typically I drive...
  9. tdub24

    Results are out!!!!

    Got an email, check my status, heading to Northern New Mexico for archery bull 2nd season. OH HELL YES!!!
  10. tdub24

    Google Earth Property Boundaries

    I used to have a layer for Google Earth that would show the property boundaries, but I found out it expired December 31st. I looked where I got that one and they do not mention a replacement of any kind. Anybody on here have a layer for property boundaries to use on GE that doesn't mind...
  11. tdub24


    Good day gents, been out and about hunting in Elko County chasing elk up this mountain and down that one. Came across this scene and am curious if any of you know what it represents, whether it be a tool to help to quarter an animal or something religious/spiritual. Any thoughts? In case...
  12. tdub24

    Teton Verde Pant/Shirt

    Looking to sell one pair of KUIU Teton Verde pants (36), 1 LG Teton LS Crew-T and 1 LG Teton Zip-T. The pants and LS shirt have been worn twice.....Zip-T never been worn. $170 OBO paypal all in. PM me if interested or want to see pictures.
  13. tdub24


    The regs say the draw results are April 27th. Do any of you know if they come out on that date exactly or do they appear sooner than that??? Kind of hoping they are sooner since my home state app deadline is the 18th. Kind would like to know if I am heading down there for archery elk before...
  14. tdub24

    Bullet Retention

    In 2013, my dad (Pop) got his only bull elk here in NE NV. The shot was 220 yards and he made the perfect shot through both lungs with his .270 using 130gr Remington Premier Scirocco Bonded bullets. The bull didn't run 15 yards. The bullet rested right behind the opposite shoulder in the hide...
  15. tdub24

    Antelope Type 6/7

    Good morning gents, started to do some research and wasn't getting too far so I am just looking to see if anybody has any information on doe/fawn tags in the SW corner of the state. Buddy and I are thinking about coming over for meat and I am not sure if we will need to apply or can we get tags...
  16. tdub24

    2015 NV Hunting

    Here are some pictures from my year. All pictures were taking with cell phone and phone skope in some cases.
  17. tdub24

    AZ Governor Bull

    Have you guys seen this yet? Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  18. tdub24

    To kill or not to kill??

    If you come to a coyote den along side the road with 5 pups playing cluelessly in the creek bottom below, do you try to wipe them out or let them grow?
  19. tdub24

    2014 Archery Mule Deer Pt.4

    The rest of that weekend and the following weekend found us trying to get on the below bucks. These bucks seem to bed in the same spot, and the wind just so happens to go directly there from every single direction. Smart boys, I look forward to giving them a chase next year. Hard to tell...
  20. tdub24

    2014 Archery Mule Deer Pt.3

    The next day, with my buddy in camp, we get up early and attempt to get over to where I had spotted the cows. Well, since I am slower than molasses, so we are running a smidgen late. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Quite a ways from where I wanted to be, there on top of ridge...