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  1. DRUSS

    2021 Elk Success Thread

  2. DRUSS

    Which hybrid is everyone using?

    this is exactly what i was asking about. sorry guys i guess i should have been more clear.
  3. DRUSS

    Where is everyone?

    i thought it was just me, but others noticed also. i am not on a lot but check back fairly often??? looking foward to another archery season, only couple weeks out now.....
  4. DRUSS

    Which hybrid is everyone using?

    nobody using Hybrids???
  5. DRUSS

    pretty sad that it can even get far enough to be brought up as a initiative, that could get...

    pretty sad that it can even get far enough to be brought up as a initiative, that could get onto a ballot. Some of the things that our own state will allow is crazy!
  6. DRUSS

    Which hybrid is everyone using?

    Guys, checking the waters on who's using what? And how they like them. I remember a couple older articles on them so curious if people are still running the same setup or was improvements needed?
  7. DRUSS

    Any good draws?

    Bump this for the 21 season............couple 2nd choices spike tags in our house
  8. DRUSS

    Speed Goats on the brain

    Thanks. The tips helped sell the decision..Yeah I was really surprised. Friend of a friend type deal and he retired...... but really enjoys his work. Hoping to return to Wyoming in 22' for Antelope. Maybe 21 if don't draw Elk tag????
  9. DRUSS

    300 Magnum Brass

    All good questions. Part of why I asked. I remember seeing Remington 300 wby factory loads and was pretty sure Federal made some also, but wasn't positive. And I don't remember Weatherby loading for 300 win mag.
  10. DRUSS

    Wyoming Changes

    I like this, maybe even a option that if you wanted out of points you could step into the random pool. If so forfitting the points you have for that species?
  11. DRUSS

    Speed Goats on the brain

    Last year's buck. Fun trip, lots of animals. Now just got to get another tag .....
  12. DRUSS

    300 Magnum Brass

    So is this 240rds 300 Weatherby Mag and 120 300 Winchester mag?
  13. DRUSS

    Range Finding Binos?

    Zeiss offers a 10x54 if I remember correctly? I would like to see a 12x50, 56mm option myself I do run binoculars with separate rangefinder
  14. DRUSS

    20' Spring Bear

    Couple more. Had some videos but files to big to download
  15. DRUSS

    20' Spring Bear

    Figured I needed to add some pics.
  16. DRUSS

    New pack wanted

    Thanks Slugz
  17. DRUSS

    30-06, 270 Win, 243 Win, or 30-30 available.

    i just finished loading 200 cartridges for my 338 Edge. i stood back when i was done and wondered how long it might be just to replenish my H1000 and 300gr bullets, oh and the Primers, brass. After that wait then hopefully i wont need to sell the rifle to afford the components!!! i will be...
  18. DRUSS

    TagHub Renewals

    thanks for the heads up
  19. DRUSS

    20' Spring Bear

    i run H4831SC with 168gr LRAB 2900fps, IMR7828SSC 180gr 2830-2850fps, RL-26 168gr LRAB 2945, 2975 fps( this load is still getting refined) have had a couple good loads with 140gr ballistic tips H4831SC, 7828SSC, RL-22, RL-23 been fun to load this rifle lots of sub MOA loads. i have been picky...
  20. DRUSS

    New pack wanted

    Slugz, which frame you running? i have hunter frame . was looking at hunter lite( i think was model) to upgrade too possibly?