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  1. muleyfool

    Leica 2200 HD-B

    Curious if anyone had issues with Leica rangefinders registering ranges in cold weather. I purchased the 10x42 HD-B a few years ago and had no problems with them until the temperature droped to 20 degrees and lower (too bad I find this out while on a hunt). I sent them to Leica and they replaced...
  2. muleyfool

    Sitka timberline jacket

    A little help please. I bought the Sitka timberline pants last year and had no regrets. I'm looking into the jacket now for early-mid season. Anyone with first hand experience or recommendations?
  3. muleyfool

    SW wyoming elk

    Elk season is here! They weren't talking much and no chance getting close for a bow shot, but able to take some long distance photos (warning you may have to turn your laptop sideways). Very hot and dry country, but did see some decent bulls.
  4. muleyfool

    To CALL or not!

    Hey all, Elk hunting in September is a passion for me, chasing screaming elk in the woods, it doesn't get better than that! My question is; What do you do when calling elk? Myself I try to locate by their calls, sometimes I will blow the bugle if they're quiet. Cow call to get in closer ( btw...
  5. muleyfool

    Fierce firearms information

    Bought a fierce fury chambered in 300RUM last year. Good shooting gun, with exception of the trigger. I'd like to change it out and go with a Timney .My smith doesn't have a clue which one to order. Have E-mailed & called Fierce and am not getting a response from their tech support. Very...
  6. muleyfool

    Field Judging

    Hey all, Love looking over animals as much as the harvest... This is my #2 weaknesses (#1 is hitting them), mostly because of the adrenaline head rush!:D So what's his score?
  7. muleyfool

    Hello from Ca.

    Or Hell-afornia if you live here!;) Don't normally interact on forums, but reading some posts on this site there seems to be some good people on here. Guys that are truly into hunting. About me, started hunting big game @ 12 yo. 43 years later I'm still at it. Probably would've...