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  1. kesand72

    Get away from crowds in S Dakota?!

    Well, my N Perkins hunt was interesting to say the least. Covered alot of ground by truck and on foot. Killed a nice 4 point mule deer, the only mature buck I found on public land the entire week. Here is the only pic I will ever get with him....
  2. kesand72

    The Whitetail Success Thread

    My best buck to date. At home in Illinois.
  3. kesand72

    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    Here goes nothing. Hope this pic loads lol!
  4. kesand72

    Get away from crowds in S Dakota?!

    Hi! So, I failed to draw a general season Montana deer tag. Went 2 for 2 on the Montana tags I drew in '16 n '17. Thinking about putting in for S Dakota West River deer with 5 points. There's a unit in Harding County that I'm looking at with a good amount of walk in, and a unit in Perkins County...
  5. kesand72

    Bainbridge Island Fishing

    Slightly off topic for hunting but hoping for a little guidance. Attending a wedding on Bainbridge Island in mid August. Thinking there might be good fishing in the area 😁. Any suggestions on fish species/techniques/charter boat referrals for that timeframe?!
  6. kesand72

    Comps for S E Montana?

    So, I hunted Southeast Montana for mule deer last year n had a fantastic time. Going back this year. What I found was: 1 Can hunt every year 2 Lots n lots of deer 3 Tons of (gentle) ground for a public hunter What I've been wondering is, are there other states where a comparable experience can...
  7. kesand72

    Deciphering Montana draw odds

    So I've been looking over Montana antelope draw odds, and to me it seems clear as mud. For example, in district 300 for 2015 it shows 25 NR tags available, 47 1st choice applicants, a few 2nd n 3rd choice apps, with 17 tags issued and no surplus. So, what happened to the other 8 tags? What am I...
  8. kesand72

    Quality bone saw advice

    Anyone have a preference/guidance on a quality bone saw for processing wild game? The kind a butcher uses to skullcap a deer at the processor in 2 or 3 swipes. Brand/size/blade type? Thanks!
  9. kesand72

    Montana public land elk in November

    So I pulled the trigger and applied for the Montana deer/elk combination tag. Never hunted Montana before, but have experience in Wyoming and New Mexico. Mule deer are my priority, so i plan to rifle hunt a general area in mid November. The problem is, I would also like to spend 5 or 6 days...
  10. kesand72

    Anti fog products

    So what does everyone use to keep their scopes/rangefinders/spotters from fogging up on a rainy, snowy hunt?
  11. kesand72

    Airplane Scouting

    It was suggested to me that I hire a pilot for an hour or two to do a little aerial scouting of a new elk unit before season. Has anyone tried this? How much would it cost to do this in central Wyoming, and is it worth it? Can you go low enough to actually see animals?
  12. kesand72

    Wyoming Rattlesnake Mtn HMA

    OK so I've hunted Wyoming twice, but not on a HMA. On Monday, my buddy n I should be finding out the good news that we drew for unit 23 elk (6.5 points). I see that the Rattlesnake Mtn HMA covers thousands of acres, including ALOT of BLM and some state ground. I understand that the HMA s have...