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  1. manitou1

    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    My go-to cartridges are 7mm-08 and .280 Rem. Have killed them beyond 600 yds with both. Pronghorns are not hard to kill. They can be difficult to judge their distance... so a good R.F. is a necessity IMO.
  2. manitou1

    Dog Food

    Black Gold!!! When I raised bird dogs, they did better on it than anything else. Firm poops, lots of strength and energy... and they loved it. For long, hard, multi-day hunts I always carried some bread and peanut butter or doggy energy bars. Nothing worse than seeing a pup hunt it's heart out...
  3. manitou1

    Where would you move to if you had your choice of any western State to live in?

    Yeah, but the wilderness areas are pretty small comparatively.
  4. manitou1

    Smoked Brook Trout

    Try crumbling some in an egg and cheese omelet. Delicious! I had it in a restaurant once and I smoke a few every now and then for snacking on crackers with cream cheese... and for omelets. Smoked nine last weekend myself.
  5. manitou1

    2021 WY Quality

    The drought last year put a whammy on them IMO. We are not seeing quality bucks in the Buffalo, Sheridan areas. Small horns on most. The bigger ones I am seeing are still well below 70"... and only a few in that class.
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    Merry Christmas Eastmans' Forum

    Have a very Merry Christmas all... and a blessed new year.
  7. manitou1

    Dog Food

    I tried many. My hunting dogs seemed to do best on Black Gold. Firm poops, easy to clean up. Healthy dogs. Maintained proper weight and didn't require large amounts.
  8. manitou1

    Entry level rifle on a budget

    Buy a spare and load it, keep it in your pocket... your fear is gone!!!
  9. manitou1

    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    I fill several tags every year, holding out for a 70+" buck every season. I have never NOT filled all my tags as I allocate 8 days. I butcher my animals as I go. This season, due to moving the wife out there and finalizing my house build, I arrived 5 days early. I had an additional 9 days to...
  10. manitou1

    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    I go every year, solo. I kill 3-4 antelope a year as we love antelope meat. I always kill a 70"+ buck yearly, but I set aside 8-10 days to hunt. This year, I had 5 days to scout and 9 days to hunt. I put 1300 miles on my truck on gravel and LOTS of miles on foot. I saw ONE buck on public... at...
  11. manitou1

    What Do You Consider Long Range?

    My limit is 700 yds... if I can lay prone and shoot off my pack. If in taller brush and using my tripod or pack sitting up, I limit to 500-550, but only if steady and comfortable.
  12. manitou1

    Bud Love, Wyoming

    Antelope numbers are waaaaay down, mostly East of Buffalo. Mule deer seem to be pretty thick this season... I killed a nice one not far from there two weeks ago. There are 600 elk on a pasture not far from B.L. right now. I also saw about 70 elk on a hay field about a week ago... not more...
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    What state were you hunting?
  14. manitou1

    2020 Mule Deer Success Thread

    Took this guy on the WY rifle opener for my tag area. 503 yards. Two mile pack out. DIY solo hunt.
  15. manitou1

    New Gear This Year?

    Does this count? I also got a new spotter.
  16. manitou1

    Piebald Fawn

    Stunning. How lucky you are to be able to see this in your "neighborhood". Hopefully, it will get to hang around a few years and you can post more pics as it develops.
  17. manitou1

    KC champs

    I like it! Shows enthusiasm. Makes the game exciting. These guys are pumped... over the top and that is what wins championships!
  18. manitou1

    Winter Track ID

    Bottom pic is an oppossum.
  19. manitou1

    Where U going to hunt this year???

    Wyoming muley and pronghorn.
  20. manitou1

    Wyo native - New to Forum

    Welcome! One more year to retirement and we will be back in WY for good! 👌