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    Anyone have any knowledge on these areas, I'm mainly concerned about numbers ,a place to camp and getting my son a crack at a 76" type buck. I haven't hunted out here,I am going to try 96 myself,any help would be appreciated.I'm aware of point creep.I think my buddy and my boy would draw with...
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    Anyone hunted with Caney creek or Ridgerunners Guide service-Jay Hogan? Thanks, Dave J.-Ohio
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    Want to buy a Montana elk decoy

    Want to buy an Montana Elk Decoy! Need Soon -In good condition
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    Want to buy a N. M. chip for my G.P.S.Need it before sept.1-2020
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    Unit51 archery elk

    I am headed to N.M. 1st archery season, I am going to be guided 2 days only. Loking for other spots or access points to try with my son.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks-Roundball
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    20194th season

    Did anyone hunt mule deer 4th and have a bad hunt? anyone hunt 15?
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    My topo map

    Would anyone have a unit 15 map-Co. for sale with migration routes & wintering areas? They no longer put that info. on them! thanks, roundball-Dave
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    colorado mule deer-rifle-unit 15

    Hi! I drew a 15 -4th season deer tag in Co. ; anyone got any advice? I might stay in Kremmling if it isn't too far. I might hunt in so. part of unit near Co. river,should I take tire chains? I think I want to hotel it. I'm looking for a 175" type buck. Thanks, Dave -ohio-roundball
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    Co. area 22-3rd season tags; 68 & 681 -3rd season tags

    Can anyone tell me how many tags for each area above and if area 40 has enough public land to hunt? Thanks, roundball
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    Alaska caribou

    Anyone know of good charter service that would drop my son & me off in Alaska to hunt caribou and fish? Would probably go in 2020' or 2021'. I have some info. mainly from magazines. I've heard some caribou units have declined ? Thanks,dave from ohio
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    N.W.Co. or S.W.Co.

    Has anyone hunted elk in Co. with J.M.L. outfitters;or Al cannon-Circle k ranch? These are drop style camps.Thanks,Roundball
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    Has anyone bought a dog from Roberts,Wi. area, off a Jim Long? I can't seem to reach him.or anyone gotten a dog off of a Mr. Ben Williams in Mt.? Thanks, Dave
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    colorado mule deer-rifle-66 2nd; 68-3rd;22-3rd501-4th & 52-3rd

    Would anyone have any info. for me on above units? I'll have 10 pts. going into 2019' draw.I am 59 . I'd kind of like to hunt 3rd. or 4th. season.Thanks,Dave
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    Unit 83-type 1-Wy. Antelope

    Dear chief:are you going to hunt antelope in Wy. this year? Dave-ohio
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    colorado mule deer-rifle-Areas 501-4th; 71-711-4th

    Any ideas or does anyone think 501 is respectable-4th season? How about 66 -2nd? I don't like crowds, I'm sure cold weather & snow helps later hunts.Would deer be 8000' or better in 66-2nd? I have 9pts.& want to burn'em! is 71-711 decent? I'm after a 175" buck.Thanks, roundball
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    colorado mule deer-rifle-66 2nd

    any info. on 66-2nd rifle? Is terrain rough? Any 175" bucks in there? Camping spots? Thanks, roundball
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    S.E.Idaho archery elk

    Anyone hunted dyi in tex crk. ,Diamond crk. in S. E. Idaho last 2 years? Am looking to go unguided next year. Have herad there is lots of elk. Where would a guy camp? only interested in small 5-6 Pts.260'"or so! Thanks, roundball
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    2018-O.T.C. elk,Co.

    Anyone have any advice on areas to bowhunt? I'm only after a cow or small bull. I shoot a recurve, can backpack; don't like crowds. Thanks, roundball
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    colorado mule deer-rifle

    Anyone got any advice on unit 501 or any other units? I am a non-resident; will have 10 points. was looking at 22-3rd,not getting much help from huntin fool although march info. isn't out yet,i've heard most of Gunnison basin was hit hard last year;now point creep seems to be getting...
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    Co. area 22-2017-or2018-elk

    Anyone hunted area22or another decent area o.t.c. in Co. I would be going unguided on my own; archery. Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks, roundball