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    First Elk ever!

    And the MAN said........... that's how you do it ....boys. GREAT JOB.
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    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    12 gage slug? That will leave a mark.
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    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    You must mean something like strongest per area of cross section. They aren't very big in size but I would not be surprised if they are really strong. They must take a wicked pounding running like they do. Pronghorns cool animals different from all the deer like critters. And thats one of the...
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    R.I.P. MR Hall

    Never a country western fan in my youth but he wrote and sang the great.... I Guess I owe it all to Pamala Brown...the soundtrack to many of our younger selves I'm guessing..... RIP TOM ...... Just took me a while to get there with your music.
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    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    Picture is worth a thousand words. And that hair comes off some easy.
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    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    Yep thats just what happened to my hunting partner... shot a little too high. I suppose a 243 would make a mess as well. I could not believe how small their leg and rib bones are. You aren't going to hear a lot of stories of needing 4 shots to slow them down. All comes down to shot placement...
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    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    I heard a lot of press for the 25/06 and perhaps its better but i used a Browning .243. and Hornaday ammo. I think it was 175 grains or so. Did the job just fine. The shot was pretty close 100 yards or so. Don't overthink it. Pronghorns aren't very big ant they are delicate critters. They have...
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    College Visit

    My sister is a nurse and worked at a Shriners hospitial after she finished schooling. She loved working there and said it was nice to see the best in people. Nothing but respect here for the wonderful work they do.
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    Beginner Elk Hunt- Wyoming

    North slope north of Vernal.
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    Virgin Galactic's "Spaceflight".

    They pretty much did what Ham the Chimp did 60 years ago. Those rich guys should pay their taxes with the money instead.
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    Beginner Elk Hunt- Wyoming

    I'n heading to Utah for a cow elk hunt this fall. I got a tag and am going with an outfitter. Yes it will cost a lot but It works for me. I'm 67 and in decent shape but Im also realistic. The chances of me driving way out there from Maine finding places to hunt shooting an Elk and doing all...
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    Remaining Utah deer, elk permits to be sold beginning July 8

    I was told cow elk went on sale july 20 is that not true? Thanks
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    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    No goat hunt for me this year. Sort of happy with people saying it's a down year. Good luck to those who got a tag. and post pictures of your hunt.
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    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    yeah pretty funny but I bet a pile of Texans would like a pair of Commie Bernies mittens now..
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    White water

    Well with a name of MaineCanoe Guide it stands to reason Ive done plenty. The rivers here in Maine run from flat water to terrifying. Most of them are several miles of easy going and then short steep rapids. I'll tell you... scouting a rapid from the top ,picking out a route thru the rocks and...
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    Truck camper build

    I'LL CHECK THAT STUFF OUT. There are all kinds of good ideas out there and thingsI have never heard of. Some of the newer industrial quality adhesives are just great. And GRK star bit screws are changing the building business here in Maine. Big nice fancy houses are being built without...
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    Social media affects

    I know I would never have hunted out west without the internet. Living on the coast of Maine Wyoming is a whole new world. I planned a trip with my wife to Utah and Wyoming hitting the tourist spots Yellowstone, Sheridan , The little Bighorn and then went on a guided Antelope hunt. That was...
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    Truck camper build

    I spent 6 weeks in Baja exploring in a Ford Ranger. I built a box about a foot tall that slid out like a big drawer. I packed almost everything in that food ,cooking stuff, clothes even an outboard. That drawer slid inside a platform where I slept. I had a lumber rack that I built a...
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    Leaving tomorrow for Colorado Cowboy Shoot!

    Never been to anything like that. We don't have a lot of cowboys in Maine....but of course after a couple coffee brandies some of the young bucks THINK that they are. I bet that is a good time . I would assume they have spectators an all that stuff. Good luck and have fun.
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    firearm purchase help.

    Thanks guys.... Those are exactly the kind of reasonable, sane answers I had hoped to get . Anyone else wanna jump in feel free. When it comes down to safety od your kids and neighbors I don't think there is a question. Perhaps I can ask his wife to put a medical restriction so the feds would...