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    Arizona Elk

    Results are out and wondering if anyone drew at tag. I got the dear John notice again this year.
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    Arizona Elk Outfitter

    Looking at elk hunt in unit 1 or 27 and asking if anyone has hunted with Knight Outfitters of Springerville. Az? Have checked with other outfitters but would like to follow up with these guys.
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    Arizona outfitters

    Time to apply for elk in Arizona and would like outfitter names for rifle hunt. Have any of you had experience with one and if so what did you think of them/ good or bad? I have been in contact with Chappell outfitting so that one I know.
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    Hunt pool for cost of guided hunt

    I have read of a program you can pay into so that when you draw a tag the cost of outfitter is covered. Can anyone give me info on that?
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    Chasing Preference Points.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and a special thank you to all who served this country to make it what it is. When reading about Late Season Bull posted by CODAK it makes me wonder about how disappointed you were with a once in a life time tag. I have had a tag for elk in unit 10 of Colorado and...
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    Have any of you had experience with this technology? Sounds good on their web page but know nothing about them. Checking out the Sig Sauer model as well as the Burris Eliminator III model.
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    Quigley-Ford Custom Long Range Scopes

    Does anyone have one of these scopes or know anything about them?
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    Colorado Unit 851 elk

    Has anyone hunted this unit and if so what kind of bulls are taken there? My son is looking to finalize application and this unit is one he is considering. Always a crap shoot when it comes to where to hunt as he has to many points (21) to waste and not enough to hunt the NW corner units.
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    Unit 10 Arizona elk.

    Late season rifle hunt in unit 10 or 1 which would you choose? Any experience in either unit you are willing to share would be appreciated.
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    Arizona Elk units 1 or 27

    Does anyone have suggestions on guides or outfitters for these two units? My son and I have a good chance to draw a tag in one of these units for 2018. We have hunted in unit 6A in the past and are looking at that as a second choice. As always Thanks for any help you have to offer.
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    2017 Cow Elk Hunt

    Since my son and I did not draw tags this year from any of the states we apply in we have decided to do a cow elk hunt. If someone has information on private land hunt in any western state and be willing to share I would appreciate it. The limit we would pay would be about $1500.00 fully...
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    Colorado 4th Season deer hunt

    (ATTACH=CONFIG]18036 The weather sure wasn't what I had hoped for but was lucky to harvest a buck of a lifetime. Saw a total of 30 bucks and this was the last one on the last afternoon of the season. He scores right at 209 with lots of mass and great character. After waiting 23 years...
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    Spotting Scope

    Decided to get a new spotting scope and would like your input on angle versus straight. Have always had a straight scope but I am looking at a angle one this time. What's your thoughts?
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    Eastmans journals

    Earlier I posted wanting to sell hunting journals that I had saved. I sold some of them but still have ones starting at issue 57 and thru 155. If anyone is interested in them please pm me.
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    Eastmans journals

    I have kept all my journals from the 8th one to the most current one and am wondering if anyone has a interest in them. If you do please pm me.
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    Unit 44 help

    I drew a 4th season deer tag in unit 44 and have a son who will join me on that hunt. I see on the left over elk license that there are some cow tags left for private land only in unit 44. The season runs from August until January so we are thinking that maybe we could do a before or after...
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    Colorado Change on returning tags.

    New for this year you have to turn tag back at least 30days before start of season to retain preference points. Be careful if you hadn't seen this change not to plan to turn tag back if things aren't what you want.
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    Colorado Deer for 2016

    Like many others on this forum I will be burning my 22pp for deer this year. I have researched allot of areas and seem to be more confused as I go. Since it is a once in a life time tag I would like to get the best hunt for quality and enjoyment that is possible. I have considered units...
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    Arizona Elk 2016

    I have been researching what unit to apply for this year. Unit 5B north and south have been combined this year so has anyone ever hunted either of those units. I have hunted unit 6 in the past and have wondered about these units. I know there are allot of tags but just looking for a good...
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    Colorado 2015 elk

    Time to start the process once again. My son has 18pp for elk and we are trying to figure out what to do with them. Are considering unit 40. Anyone have info about Trophy Class outfitters out of Grand Junction.