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    WY Area 68 Pronghorn

    Cover lots of country. Some areas don't have many antelope. If it snows much the antelope can dramatically change locations. I would bring lots of water, shovel, and chains. If it gets wet that country can get pretty mucky.
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    2021 WY Quality

    I definitely agree with Buzz's comments above. Where there historically were hundreds of antelope in the Laramie Plains there are vast savannah's with hardly an animal. The same thing is true stretching from Laramie to Rawlins....and from Rawlins north in Central Wyo. It's the worse I've seen...
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    Wyoming ORV/SXS/ATV use map info

    I had a sticker on my bike and the sheriff that stopped me said I could get a $500 ticket on the county road I was on since I didn't have a license plate plus proof of insurance.
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    Wyoming ORV/SXS/ATV use map info

    I got stopped by a sheriff a couple days ago on a county dirt road. According to him I needed insurance plus a license plate to drive my dirt bike on that road. It was super complicated and he said the regs are different with a 4 wheeler on that same road. Also, this may change from one...
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    Best unit in Wy?

    If you are interested in B&C, antelope are one of the toughest critters in N Amer to field judge correctly. There is always the chance of walking up to a buck after it's shot and there is dreaded ground shrinkage. It happens to the best of us. Mass is a large chunk of an antelope's score and...
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    EHD in WY?

    I would be curious if anyone else has noticed the lack of fawns with does in Wyo? I saw lots of twins and even a few triplet fawns this spring but they are almost gone by September?
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    Best boots for elk hunting

    I have switched totally over to crispis and now have around 5 different pairs. They all are super quality and each model is a little different as far as weight and stiffness. It’s nice having several to choose from depending upon weather terrain and use. I also have a pair of lowa Tibet’s I...
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    Wyoming Antelope Area 68

    I spent a great deal of time in 68 last year and 1 trip so far this year. It is similar to other Central Wyo units that had a pretty tough winter a couple winters ago. Last summer was extremely dry and a lot of waterholes dried up in some areas. Antelope actually wandered to where they found...
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    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    Congrats to your son! I try to stalk inside 200 yards. The closer you are the better chance you’ll hit them in a good spot with just one shot without ruining meat and cape. Also keep in mind the angle of the shot/bullet and whether the antelope is broadside. I always put just one shell in...
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    Sheep judging tips and tactics

    You may already be aware, but Nevada and elsewhere has a list of rams, age, etc that been harvested in past years. Some states actually have coordinates of where these rams are harvested. Sometimes you can get names of those that have drawn tags in past years. Most are more than willing to...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Here's an example of draw odds for res in one of the best elk units in Nevada. Here's another great elk unit with good draw odds for those with high bonus pts. Notice how most of those with high pts drew tags in the table above. Those with low pts still had a chance to draw even though...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Buzz hardly has any information or data to back up what he says. Bonus pts is a great option for states similar to Nevada and Wyoming that have very few hunters compared to the number of tags issued. In NV and WY there is a high turn over rate of applicants for all but a few high demand deer...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    With only 1 tag available it a bummer for the guys that have 0 chance for the 1 tag. It's obvious a bummer for those with high pts if there is just one tag and it's issued in the random pool. It's also a bummer for those that have few pts if this same 1 tag is issued to the guys with high pts...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    JM, I agree with you that the toughest elk units in Wyo to draw may not improve draw odds considerably with any system but waiting periods still have slightly better odds than 90/10. Take a look at how draw odds improve with a waiting period for unit 7 and 58. I think A lot of Wyo res would be...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Buzz, another 2 or 3 more internet pats on your back for the great sheep and moose pics. Your the man!!! The Task Force is searching for great options that make sense and will work long term. I'm sure they are going through and tossing out all the nonres ideas....not! Anyone that applies...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Don't kid yourself Buzz, It's totally about draw odds for D/E/A. I'm sure you would be the first to agree that researching and understanding draw odds and stats are the life blood of drawing great limited tags. You are absolutely correct that there are a very few % of tags that will be issued...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Not a done deal! There’s still the chance 90/10 for the big 5 will die in the legislature! Maybe the outfitters have something up their sleeves that they haven’t mentioned in task force meeting. Another example, If they link it directly to 90/10 for deer/elk/antelope like they’ve done the...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Buzz, your comments carry 0 weight about Colo. How many RFW tags were issued to nonres....about 2 or 3! Both res and nonres have worse draw odds due to upfronting license fees being removed. Buzz how many nonres tags are issued in Colo to nonres for limited elk, antelope, and deer? Last...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Wyo res want a better chance to draw high demand premium limited tags. This definitely WON'T happen with 90/10! Elk units like 100, 16, 30, and 31 elk draw odds will basically stay the same with 90/10. Draw odds for deer units like 128, 30, 31, 87, 89, and 90 will also basically stay the same...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Buzz how many tags did you say you drew this year? My guess is between 8 and 12? All the photos you share on this and every other website each year are proof that Wyo res aren't lacking in "OPPORTUNITY" to draw many tags each year and harvest a gob of big game each and every year! Why rob...