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    Gear guys need some help

    I have a Goal Zero, was always pretty happy with it. The inverter is not super efficient but my unit is like 4 years old so I'm sure it's improved since then...
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    Ault Ammo Depo

    Yeah that's a little sketchy I guess. Pay with a genuine credit card, not a debit card.
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    Ault Ammo Depo

    Is that the place in Ault CO? If so I've driven past that place a bunch of times but never stopped in. It's not much to look at, not that that means anything: They have a Web site but I don't see any online ordering there. Are you looking at something else?
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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    Fair point, I see the same thing. I'll rephrase in the future. I guess I should have been more specific that my decision is based mostly on distance to my house. "A trip" for me is something over an hour or two away. I'm definitely taking more if I'm going farther. (That applies to everything...
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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    Have I said something to offend you? Implying that I don't respect medium game because I don't think I need 40+ rounds to take them is a stretch. If you gave me the benefit of the doubt, there are good reasons for this. I don't hunt antelope. I hunt mule deer less than an hour from home, and I...
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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    I had a carbon fiber hiking stick that I really loved and decided to "mod" it. I got a 1/4-20 bolt and cut the head of it off, then epoxied it into the top of my stick so it sticks out about 3/8". Then I put one of these on top: I use that as a gun rest and it works great as a monopod. When I...
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    Mandatory CWD testing

    Interestingly, CPW has a video on the lymph node extraction on their CWD page:
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    Mandatory CWD testing

    You'd be doing us all a favor if you shared the response to that call. I got the same letter and have the same concern. Where I'll be hunting I'll only be 2-ish miles "in", but it's extremely rough terrain. I fractured my heel there 2 years ago and still feel it. It's a productive area, worth...
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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    I take 2 boxes. If I'm serious about a trip (elk) I get to the area a day or two ahead of time to set up camp and I find a local range. There's almost always one within an hour's drive no matter where you go. I test my final zero there with the same ammo I'll be hunting with. On the hunt I...
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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    I hope I don't offend anyone who does travel for their opportunities but I feel like there's also an aspect of that in some of these reports. The temptation to take a nice deer or elk must be strong for anybody... But add a long trip from Texas and the extra cost and time off work involved and...
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    Sighting in your rifle

    3-4x for 100yd, 6-7x for 200yd. I have a 4-14x scope and never zoom it past 8. As I'm sure scores of others have experienced, I shoot much better at lower zoom powers.
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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    I'm a muzzleloader hunter and cannot imagine how these regs were constructed. I am required to wear orange. The archers I might accidentally mistake for game are not. My bullet can go 100-300 yards easily. An arrow can go 30-60 yards easily. I really want to know what these folks were smoking...
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    My father was in the air, US Air route to Dulles of all places. He was one of the last flights to land before they grounded everything and they wouldn't let anybody taxi. They had to deplane on the taxiway.
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    Eastmans' Mule Deer Hunter Course

    Candidly, my biggest drawback is finding them. I hunt rifle in CO but because of work schedule am often having to hunt earlier seasons. My deer experience was with whitetail until recently, and muleys are obviously different. I run into tons of doe and small bucks while scouting for other game...
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    Removable blades or fixed blade?

    I've used them all. Lately I favor practicality over style. I have a Morakniv Companion that is incredibly light but still strong, razor sharp, and has a no-contact plastic sheath that makes it super easy to clean. I use this for anything rough or dirty. I carry it in my bino harness, actually...
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    Post Rut hunt

    With all due respect you're being pretty cagey if you want any actual help. You're coming for advice - nobody is planning to follow you from your truck and spy on your hunt because you disclosed too much of your plan. If you can't at least share your season and GMU, most of the advice you're...
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    Post Rut hunt

    Post rut can mean a lot of things. Rifle 1 is post rut, and so is Rifle 3. Hunting tactics differ for each. 1. I use two 120qt coolers. I fill them with ice before the trip and drain them regularly. To preserve elk, I fill the bottom third with ice, lay down a sheet of plastic, put two quarters...
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    Where is everyone?

    For me it's just been a heavily politicized year or so, and I will be the FIRST to admit I've been guilty of it too, but I also got tired of it. I still skim daily for elk- and gear-related posts, my two weaknesses. I'm head-in-the-sand avoiding everything else as much as possible. Quick...
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    Oregon’s Latest Stupidity

    Did you guys actually research this or did you just go with the headline and shake your heads because it feeds into what you already believe? They're not ending proficiency standards. They're ending the use of existing standardized tests that the educators themselves don't believe accurately...
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    Social Media

    I'm a software engineer and I would never use Facebook. I have my reasons. If you don't count forums and whatnot, the only "social network" I use is Twitter. I find things there that are relevant to my profession. I either don't trust, or don't value, all of the others.