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  1. Mr Nice

    Once in a lifetime...ND Elk Tag!

    As a fellow NoDaker, that's a great bull! Congrats!
  2. Mr Nice

    HE IS RISEN!!!!!

  3. Mr Nice

    Mountain Goat Hunting- He hiked over 1000 miles!

    Watching that video brought back memories, I hiked the same mountain in 2014 on my goat hunt. One of my most memorable hunts. I'm jealous, I missed my black fox afterwards!
  4. Mr Nice

    Northern Alberta Moose Hunting

    don't disagree with that statement as you can shoot many different animals, comes down to personal goals. eventually, I think we will make it over there
  5. Mr Nice

    Elk drop camp options

    I am looking at planning an elk hunt for my wife and I in the coming years, we both currently have 4 points going into the 21 draw but will likely hold off until 22 with 5 points because of too many other things going on. I have been contemplating either a drop camp hunt, or having a packer...
  6. Mr Nice

    Northern Alberta Moose Hunting

    Friend of mine is a booking agent with John X and I've come close to pulling the trigger on an Africa trip more than once. I've always talked myself out of it to focus on my goal of 15 of the 29 and the super 10. Currently have 9 of the 15 and 7 of the 10.
  7. Mr Nice

    Northern Alberta Moose Hunting

    I've hunted around Athabasca on 4 different occasions, 3 archery and 1 rifle. It is highly contagious for sure! On the archery trips, I never did let an arrow fly but had amazing hunts with many close encounters on 45-50" bulls and 1 60" that was absolutely amazing. My rifle trip ended with...
  8. Mr Nice

    base layer

    Thanks for the feedback, I put some Kuiu Merino on my Christmas list this past week. I've had great success with other Kuiu products.
  9. Mr Nice

    Video of Snowy Range Moose Hunt

    Congrats on the bull well deserved! At the end of the video I had to pause when I read the name and realized, hey wait a minute that name looks real familiar. I know that guy! Enjoy the meat, we are loving ours from last year.
  10. Mr Nice

    base layer

    Ha, I know what you mean in growing in places that we don't like to admit and there is some of that going on but the main issue is they are shorter than when I originally bought them and riding up too high. I've used Under Armour many years ago but didn't like the fact that it would retain too...
  11. Mr Nice

    base layer

    Yeah I wasn't the smartest years ago and was in a hurry and threw some items in the dryer that I shouldn't have causing some shrink. I've had good luck with the First Lite even when snowmobiling in the mountains to keep the moisture away from me. Just wanted to see if there was another...
  12. Mr Nice

    base layer

    Looking at getting new upper base layer and am curious what is being recommended by the members of this forum. I currently have First Lite merino and have been happy with it, but they have seemed to shrink over the years of washing. What is being suggested by the group before I go make a new...
  13. Mr Nice

    How many hunting packs ???

    3 packs used regularly - Badlands day pack for my wife to carry when doing local bowhunts - Tenzing day pack that I carry when bowhunting, or my wife to carry when on larger rifle hunts - Kuiu Icon Pro 7200 for bigger hunts have another cheap pack that I still use for checking trail cameras...
  14. Mr Nice

    DIY or guided ?????

    It's a tough decision to go guided or not and they both have their pros and cons. I've done both with mixed reviews. On the positive side I've created a great friendship with an outfitter in Alberta over the years and have hunted with him 5 different times for moose and bear. My success has...
  15. Mr Nice

    Wyoming summer vacation

    What if a person drove up to Thermopolis and then backtracked down to Riverton to come in through Dubios and see the Bighorn Sheep Center? Is that worth seeing?
  16. Mr Nice

    Wyoming summer vacation

    Yep, been through both the north and south units of TR park several times. Another thought was maybe drive through the Bighorns from west to east. I've snowmobiled in there many times and always wondered what that was like in the summer and only saw the eastern side. Trying to get a general...
  17. Mr Nice

    Wyoming summer vacation

    Thank you for the suggestion. I also want to make this somewhat of a scouting trip to see some areas to hunt in the future for antelope, deer, and elk. I've been to Jackson before to ski, but don't really remember if there was much to see in town.
  18. Mr Nice

    Wyoming summer vacation

    My wife and I are headed to Denver this summer for a wedding the weekend prior to the 4th. We have decided that we want to drive from ND and make a trip out of it. Thoughts were that after the wedding we would wander our way through Wyoming and possibly go through Yellowstone on our way back...