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    firearm purchase help.

    Guys I have a serious question for you. I have a friend who has Early Onset Altzimers. It's pretty grim but for now he can still work some but he has made some bad choices and I don't trust his judgement. Anyway he is talking about buying a rifle. He has had some firearms experience cause he...
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    Az winter Javelina hunt

    I've got a question for you guy's in Arizona about a javelina hunt. I 'd like to obtain a tag and shoot one next winter. What's the deal with a tag ? Can a non resident get a tag over the counter or is there a lottery draw or points. I don't think I need an outfitter but If I get a place to stay...
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    Wyoming points

    Sometimes stuff happens. I waited to get my preference points for 2017 thinking I had till Oct 31. Well of course we in Maine had a big windstorm which although did not knock the power it did shut down the phone and internet. so no points this year. Lesson learned..
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    Butchering yourself or have it done for you?

    I have always cut up and processed the deer Ive shot. What about you guy's? I'm no butcher but I can cut up a deer make jerky, sausage and mincemeat. I feel it's part of the job and I like to make stuff from scratch. It's usually cold enough in Maine to hang it for a few days and not have to do...
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    Back to hunting

    Well let's get back to hunting. I got my deer yesterday. Just a 100 pound whitetail doe. I never have time to hunt a lot cause this is my busy season roofing so any deer is a good deer. At least I won't have to eat hot dogs in the ice fishing shack. Stop on by for some deer meat and a coffee...
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    Wyoming HMA

    Have any of you hunted some of the many HMA's in Wyoming? Seems like a good place to DIY. I assume all the rules concerning draws and preference points would be the same but It looks like you could access some state and BLM land from these places. Or are they just overrun with hunters?
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    Horseback Trips

    Eastern dude wants to know which boots would be best to take out on a horse pack trip? I can't see hunting in cowboy boots but I know they are best on the trail. Is it best to take two pairs of boots? that's what I am leaning towards. It would be early season elk pretty high up. Looking for help...
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    Peoples guide to Mexico

    one of the best book ever written on camping an hanging out is The Peoples Guide to Mexico by Carl Franz. Written in the 1970's and upgraded constantly for years the how Carl his wife and his slacker buddy Steve traveled all over Mexico back in the day. Its so well written and researched and...
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    Implied Consent

    Up here in Maine we have a law that goes back for many years called Implied Consent. Basiciy what that means in you or anyone can hunt anywhere on anyones land. unless it's posted. And Posted means a sign every 50 feet. That means some out of state landowner can't stick up one sign up in his...
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    wishing I was there

    I'm reading all of these posts everyone headed out on trophy hunts, meat hunts and everything in between. As things are I'm stuck here in Maine for this season... whitetails for me this year. Next season I'm headed to Wyoming for a diy antelope hunt so i'm doing the internet research picking a...
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    Great lighting option

    There is a new option for tent lighting some of you might check into. These lights are solar powered and use LED's. but what is great is you blow them up like beach ball and you get a nice glowing light as big as a grapefruit. You just leave them in the sun for a couple of hours and they last...
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    New guy from Maine

    Hi just wanted to check in with the forum I live in coastal Maine and hunt deer right out the backdoor. I usually use a Browning .243 but I also have a 30/06 and an old Marlin 35 rem. for hunting in the snow. I tend to be pretty traditional. I went out West last year on a pronghorn hunt and got...