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    Workout Tunes!

    Mostly old school metal and hard rock. Love AC/DC, Def Leppard, Aerosmith
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    Who else is...

    Waiting for ok from my doctor after foot surgery. Another 2weeks I think.
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    Why the animosity?

    The problem is liability in allowing hunts on property. Many of today's younger hunters are pigs. They're not ethical hunters. They don't respect anything. Also if there happens to be an accident then it falls back on the farm. Law suits can destroy a ranch or farm. Yes you can get waviers for...
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    Worrying about Dad!

    When I came home from having foot surgery my girl didn't want to leave me most of the day. Funny how they know when something isn't right.
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    Hunting Solo?

    Boy is that so true about age.
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    Stoeger 3500 Info for Potential Buyers

    Blow it out with air compresser. I blow out dirt when cleaning then clp it ,but blow out extra oil.
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    Stoeger 3500 Info for Potential Buyers

    I have both gas and inertia driven guns. They all run better when keep clean. I have a Stoger and Winchester Sx3 and I've had better luck with the Winchester. I have buddy's with sb2 and sb3 and Beretta's all are great,but if not cleaned and cared for properly all will give you headaches.
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    Goose is for dinner!

    That is a must!
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    Goose is for dinner!

    Pan seared cackler breast with a pomegranate reduction.
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    Last for the season

    Not a big finish to the season that we hoped for, but got to play with one of my favorite birds specks. These worked in close to calling.
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    Little guys and extra.

    On a dairy farm in California.
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    Little guys and extra.

    We had a fun day out hunting with family and great friends.
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    Dog Food

    It does it perfect for our BLF. Willow likes it also.
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    2021 new gear dreams and must haves.

    New scope for my m70 300 win.
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    Duck dog

    I will always say this look at what you hunt the most. Look at your living life style. How much time you have to spend with the dog. Pointers need and like a lot of exercise everyday. Lab do too ,but are just as happy to have a tennis ball to chase around in the house. If you hunt ducks and...
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    Fall Waterfowl Pics

    Here our best day so far. Hope to onor my nickname on the forum soon in a good cackler hunt also.
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    Duck dog

    Chris Akin has a three video set on train that is simply and outstanding on training.
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    Duck dog

    I would add this if you have the time to train your own dog like me it can be a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for you and the dog. If you get a finished dog or have it train remember you also will have to be trained in how to run your dog. I spend 15 to 25 minutes almost every day...
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    Duck dog

    A great lab can be found almost anywhere. You don't need to spend crazy amounts of money on them,but if you do it can help with avoiding health issues sometimes. Our best two dogs weren't even pure bred dogs. Our current dog is 3/4 black lab and 1/4 chessie. She the best dog I've ever trained...
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    Duck dog

    Check on refuge forum in your state. I would say labs seem to be everywhere. One of the most popular breeds of dogs.