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  1. arwaterfowler

    Brass Trimming

    Folks, I'm a fairly new reloader. I've reloaded about 1000 rounds of pistol cartridges and just started reloading rifle rounds. I'm currently working up a load for 300 WSM. The Hornady and Nosler manuals call for a trim length of 2.1". I've got the following brass at the stated trim lengths...
  2. arwaterfowler

    Mule deer decision

    Fellas, With the season structure change, and a little impatience, I'm strongly considering burning my mule deer points this year. I have enough points to draw either Unit 21 2nd season or Unit 40 3rd season. I've hunted around the west, but never in western CO. I'm hoping to get a few opinions...
  3. arwaterfowler

    Google Earth BLM Overlay

    Fellas, I've tried to find a BLM overlay to help scout in a Google Earth. I've found a few links that people say work for them, however I haven't been able to get them to work for me. I am using Google Earth Pro and specifically scouting Montana. What links do you guys use? Sent from my iPhone...
  4. arwaterfowler

    Mallard Drake/hen Plumage mix

    I've seen some mallard/pintail/woody mixes but never on like this. Has anybody saw this before? I shot this a couple days ago in eastern Nebraska. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. arwaterfowler

    300 WSM Brass

    I've been striking out on finding Winchester 300 WSM brass lately. Does anyone know when more will hit the market? A local gun shop told me they weren't expecting any for a long time. I've found Nosler and Norma. I may have to go that route. I'm not wild on the price, even though it is good...
  6. arwaterfowler

    Hoyt Trykon Bow Package

    Hoyt Trykon Bow Package 28" - $375 plus shipping Hoyt Trykon 75th Anniversary Compound Bow (28"Draw Length) Includes: Hoyt Trykon 75th Anniversary 28" Draw Length XT 500 Limbs Trophy Ridge Micro Matrix Guide Series 3 pin Sight Carolina Archery Products Whisker Biscuit Camo String Loop Kisser...
  7. arwaterfowler

    CWD theory

    The Mule Deer Foundation posted an article (see below) about remarks by a host of a show on the Outdoor Channel regarding CWD on Facebook. Just thought the thread would spark some interest on this forum.!/MuleDeerOrg/?fref=ts...
  8. arwaterfowler

    Tikka T3 Lite Upgrades

    Fellas, I own a Tikka T3 Lite 300 WSM SS. I've been happy with it and shoots good enough for me, however, I would like to do a few upgrades. Don't really need to, but I would like to have a project to work on over the winter and work on more long range shooting this summer (300-400 yd). I still...
  9. arwaterfowler

    2015 Central Wyoming Antelope

    Coming off of a successful October antelope hunt this year, I first would like to thank the contributing members of the Eastmans forum and the Eastmans staff themselves. I have learned a lot about pursuing antelope from the magazine, MRS and the forum that can be credited to my success this...
  10. arwaterfowler

    Lander WY Taxidermist

    Has anyone ever used or heard reviews of any taxidermist out of the Lander area? I've contacted Wind River and Wyoming Wild Art. Seem like decent folks but I haven't seen much of their work, as I don't think they have a webpage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. arwaterfowler

    Rawlins or Casper Firewood

    I'm looking for firewood in either Casper or Rawlins for antelope camp in a few weeks. I say either/or because I'm not sure on the route I will take to get to Unit 67. Does anyone know of folks selling firewood in either place? Thanks for the help.
  12. arwaterfowler

    New Binos or Spotting Scope

    Fellas, I currently own Nikon 10x42 Monarch Binos and a Nikon Prostaff 65mm spotting scope. I am going to upgrade one of the to to a Vortex Razor. I'll either go with the same size Razor binocs or upsize to the 80mm spotting scope. Like most, I use the binocs more, but they do just fine. I...
  13. arwaterfowler

    Refund Process

    Anybody know how NM refunds the credit card applications? I can't remember if they send a check or if they apply the refund directly to your credit/debit card account. Either way, no big deal really. I just need an answer for the household accountant (aka Wife). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. arwaterfowler

    Dovetail Bow Site

    Just about when I talked myself into getting a new bow this year; I chickened out. I am going to compromise with my conscious and get a new bow site. This time, I am considering a dovetail sight mount for the increased accuracy and I hear they help with target focus. My only concerns would be...
  15. arwaterfowler

    Unit Strategy

    So...I've been thinking of changing my draw strategy in Colorado. I've been applying for elk and mule deer in different units. This year I am considering applying for archery tags for both in the same unit. Sometimes I think it would be better (and easier) to stay in one unit from a scouting and...
  16. arwaterfowler

    Flat Tops were tough this year

    I struck out in Colorado this year. I figured it would happen. The Flat Tops are fun to hunt and LOTS of people agree. Still had a good time though. This trip was my second go around with my new tent (Cabelas Bighorn III) and a new stove. The best part of the trip was having a bull moose "sneak"...
  17. arwaterfowler

    Women's Range Pistol

    Guys and gals, I need some advise. I have been successful in introducing my wife to shooting. We just completed her forth trip to the range and she is pretty good. With her birthday coming up, I'm thinking of buying her her first pistol. She with use it mainly at the range and accuracy will be...
  18. arwaterfowler

    Colorado Mountain Goat Preference Point Growth

    From a response on a previous post, I have posted some data regarding Colorado Moutain Goat preference point growth since 2003. There has been a significant increase in total point holders and "top end" weighted points as well. Luckily, you dont have to hold the most points to have any chance to...
  19. arwaterfowler

    Omaha Nebraska RMEF Chapter rekindled

    Folks, We are in the process of getting the previously defunct Omaha Nebraska area chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation active again. I welcome any forum members in the Eastern Nebraska area to join the committee or the banquet if interested. I truly believe there is a lot of untapped...
  20. arwaterfowler

    Colorada NR Bighorn Point Holder Growth

    This thread is piggybacking off of a previous thread posted about Colorado Moose Point Creep. I pulled the same data for Bighorn point holders by year from Colorado's website. After some confusion, and much needed guidance by Umpqua Hunter, I have posted the summary below. The year column...