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  1. Turbodude

    Sighting in your rifle

    Anyways, kind of embarrassed about asking this question, but anyways what power level do you typically use when zeroing in your rifle at 100 yards? Kind of struggling here with he season approaching and have been switching back & forth between low power & high power with no consistent accuracy...
  2. Turbodude

    Savage extractor issues

    Well I bought myself a Savage Storm 110 for Christmas last year. In getting it ready & sighted for Wyoming deer hunt in 2 weeks & now it won't eject shells. Anyone else have this issue with a Savage? I do have a backup to bring in its place so its not a total disaster. Anyways good luck this...
  3. Turbodude

    Wyoming Unit 81

    Okay guys, heading out to unit 81 in a month. Got my x6b in Ca burned to hell. According to my research but still not sure. Is the SE section of this unit better than the NE section? Know the NW is Wilderness pretty much. Any intel is acceptable via pms thx in advance TD
  4. Turbodude

    Looks like X6A & X6B are toast

    Finally drew an X6B tag & will now turn it back in. Dixie & Beckworth fires has pretty much burned the whole place up. Feel sorry for everyone that had to evacuate & hopefully they don't loose their homes to this disaster. Over 800,000 acres burned, probably be over a million before it is all...
  5. Turbodude

    Smoke Phase Turkey

    Saw this yesterday morning pulling into the jobsite. These turkeys congregate in the morning in the cemetery (their safe zone) next to the jobsite after flydown & this 1 hen stuck out like a sore thumb. Never seen 1 before.
  6. Turbodude

    Wyoming Elk Unit 118

    Its getting down to crunch time. My partner and I have 19 combined points for Elk. Tired of paying the cash cow and this could be our last hunt together because we are in our mid-60's. Don't have a enough points to get into a Blue Zone per MRS, but only into a Green Zone. Any opinions on this...
  7. Turbodude

    Savage introduces New Impulse Big Game rifle

    Got an email this morning from unidentified site introducing the New Savage Impulse Big Game Rifle. It is a push-pull bolt design, guess copied from a European design. Interesting concept.
  8. Turbodude

    BPS buys SW

    Looks like Bass Pro bought Sportsman Warehouse. Can you say monopoly?
  9. Turbodude

    Breaking in a new rifle barral

    What are your thoughts on breaking in a new rifle barrel. Have heard several theories. Yeah I broke own and bought 1 last rifle that I probably don't nee but since our new possible president O'Biden could take office, thoght I needed to get 1 more. Thx TD
  10. Turbodude

    Savage 110 Rfles

    Anyone here have an opinion on Savage 110 rifles? I see BPS is having a Black Friday Special on Savage rifles and was thinking about getting one in a 6.5 Creedmoor. I need another rifle like I need a hole in my head , but what the hell it is Christmas coming up and there is 175.00-200.00 dollar...
  11. Turbodude

    MOA at different elevations

    This kind of passed my mind today thinking about CDS scopes and MOA changes at different elevations. I am located in Calif and prior to my last visit to Wyoming in 2017, sited in our rifles at about 100' above sea level at 200 yards zero. When we went to Wyoming antelope hunting at about 6000'...
  12. Turbodude

    Leupold CDS suggestions

    I recently installed a Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14X40 CDS on my 300 RUM which I plan to use on a future elk hunt in Wyoming (possibly next year). My partner and I have 19 combined PP's and are considering about LE units 38 or 39. Before I order the 1 free CDS dial, what elevation and temperature...
  13. Turbodude

    Redneck from a blue state

    Hello fellow hunters, like to introduce myself. Long time lurker and interested in getting involved with the conversation of hunting in the west (even though it’s east of me). Have hunted Wyoming and S Dakota with success and plan on moving out of California within the next 2 years to either...