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  1. raspy

    Missing park ranger since 1980

    If your into mysteries the missing 411 hunter edition is a pretty good watch. A ex police officer investigates missing people on our nations public lands. A few of the stories I didn’t care for but it definitely makes you rethink about being in the back country
  2. raspy

    Trail Cams

    Just started running the tactacam cell cams last year. Had really good luck with them so far. Battery life has been good and takes decent pictures. Plans are 13 a month a cam for unlimited photos. Saves on fuel and limits the amount of scent and disturbance you cause when checking a normal cam.
  3. raspy

    Warmest socks or boots for cold weather sits

    Thanks for the input guys I’m gonna take all the suggestions and do a little research and some experimenting.
  4. raspy

    Warmest socks or boots for cold weather sits

    What has anyone found or used out there for the warmest socks or boots. Been putting in long hours in the bow stand with windchills down to -10 and everything is warm besides my feet. Dang I hate having frozen toes. I run a pair of sorels with Duluth trading post heavy socks. Also been using my...
  5. raspy

    Bow Question ???

    Shot a quest for about 5 years. They make a very good bow was going to buy another but shot a bowtech and it just fit good in the hand. I would buy another quest.
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    The Memes Thread!

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    Sitka cold weather gear

    I run the Sitka fanatic bibs and jacket. I absolutely love them. Just remember if you use a scent crusher bag do not put the bibs in there with the elastic suspenders. It will eat them up very quick
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    The Memes Thread!

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    question on land designation

    We have quite a few sites around here and it’s a big no no to step foot on that unless you like to see humvees and choppers
  11. raspy

    question on land designation

    I’m guessing it’s missile sites for the military. If that’s the case it’s not public ground.
  12. raspy

    Davis wall tent

    We bought one a few years back. It’s a 12x14. Use it just for 2 guys but would be still pretty comfortable with 4. Material is good. Haven’t had any rips or tears yet. We ended up picking up the frame at Home Depot to cut down on shipping costs. They will send the specs to you. Customer service...
  13. raspy

    Fall Waterfowl Pics

    CC a drake pintail would look good on the wall too. Been awhile since i shot a nice pinny. Also hard to beat a good barred up belly
  14. raspy

    Fall Waterfowl Pics

    Beautiful widgeon you got there. Almost better than shooting greenheads. Hopefully the hunting is picking up south. Not much left in nd
  15. raspy

    Swarovski warranty

    I fought back and forth with the gal on the phone about why I wasn’t paying it but I guess the saying “the customers always right” has gone out the window.
  16. raspy

    Swarovski warranty

    Well I recently learned something the hard way and am posting this just in case someone is looking to buy any Swarovski product. I had a mishap with my slc 10x42 binoculars that resulted in the magnesium housing coming loose. Called Swarovski right away to get them sent in and fixed. Once they...
  17. raspy

    2019 Wyoming Recurve Moose

    Congrats! Definitely a very unique hunt! Gonna have a lot of moose burger to eat... don’t be afraid to send to send some my way. Moose is very good eats
  18. raspy

    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    Sorry I cheated I put 5. I’m a picture guy. The one with the Muley fawns was is my fathers pic. He sat down in a random spot and a hour later these little guys were digging in his bag. Somehow he snapped about 50 pictures.
  19. raspy

    What Ticks Me Off......

    sprinkler systems are over rated. I let Mother Nature decide when my grass grows and if I need to cut it or not. 😬
  20. raspy

    What Ticks Me Off......

    What ticks me off is places that don’t serve Busch light, stepping in a gopher/badger hole, mosquitos and people that drive 20 mph below the speed limit on a busy highway.