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  1. Horniac

    Eastmans CO MRS expanded mule deer table?

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to access the expanded MRS table for CO mule deer that is talked about in the print edition? I have both print and digital subscriptions but when I look at the digital edition on-line in EBJ the tables are the same as the print edition. On the Eastmans app on...
  2. Horniac

    2017 co mountain goat draw

    The backdoor 5xx codes are now showing up for Mountain Goat! Good luck everyone! Horniac
  3. Horniac

    ? on Eastmans 4x7 Antelope Scoring System

    After many years of applying I was fortunate to draw a WY NR antelope tag in unit 61 and want to make the most of my tag by shooting a respectable buck if not a trophy class buck if the opportunity presents itself. From my research it looks like I will have the opportunity to look over quite a...