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  1. KHSRanger23

    Idaho Wolf Bounty Program

    Interesting article with lots of different thoughts from all the different groups involved. I cant imagine a scenario were enough wolves are killed that would require them to be relisted under the endangered species act...
  2. KHSRanger23

    Wolverine sighting Antelope Park, Ut

    I was very surprised to see this story last week and video of a wolverine on Antelope Island of all places. Would be interesting to see were this wolverine came from and how far it traveled. I remember in 2014 when a wolverine was pictured on a game camera in the Uinta's and the news...
  3. KHSRanger23

    Nice Bucks poached in Utah. How can we stop poachers?

    Not sure what is going on in my home state with poachers, but it seems there is a major poaching case about every month or so. In this one a really really nice buck and a another buck were both poached and left too waste. This occurred in some fields near a commercial warehouse area. So this...
  4. KHSRanger23

    More Poachers

    I hate reading these stories every time they come up. I believe some non hunters think poachers are hunters and thus these stories give law abiding hunters everywhere a bad reputation. Here we have somebody driving along finds a young bull moose and shots him with a bow and leaves the meat to...
  5. KHSRanger23

    Grizzly Bear in Southern Wyoming

    Having lived and graduated from high school in Kemmerer, I found this article pretty interesting. We know the Grizzly population is thriving and they are moving into areas that have not had bears for decades. With all that being said both resident and non-resident hunters in Wyoming will have to...
  6. KHSRanger23

    Cool story about Bull Elk recovery 6 years after hunt.

    I enjoyed reading this story. In particular how some hunters who did not not know one another helped each other out over a six period. With all the news stories about protest, riots looting and everything else it was nice to read a story about strangers working to help others. Oh and it was a...
  7. KHSRanger23

    Another Poaching Case

    Every time I read about one of these poaching cases it gets more and more frustrating. Hopefully they are able to find the person or people that did this.
  8. KHSRanger23

    Poacher Gets Lifetime Ban Hopefully the fines, jail time and lifetime ban will convince some poachers to stop there illegal...
  9. KHSRanger23

    Another new guy

    Howdy from Utah. Glad to be in this forum talking about one of my favorite things hunting the western united states. My dad worked as a civilian for the air force so we moved a lot but I have been lucky to live and hunt/fish in Utah, Northern California, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. I...