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  1. memtb

    Ear Protection When Hunting

    I didn’t wear ear protection when I was in my early shooting career, late 60’s/early ‘70’s, nor in a noisy industrial. Hearing protection wasn’t stress than as now! During the early years of shooting, noisy industry, and racing motorcycles damaged my can’t regain it, and like...
  2. memtb

    For the Hunting Handloader

    A question for those that use their handloads for maybe someone doesn’t! 🤪 It’s probably overkill or paranoia or perhaps both! I grew-up in an region of the country where 85% humidity is quite low and they average 60 to 70 inches rain per year. I always worried about the...
  3. memtb

    That Fall Feeling

    A little later than normal, but we may bump 34 F for a morning low this morning! Still lots of fall/winter work to do around the place.....will be (continue to be) very busy! 🤬 Now we can add getting the hunting gear ready, camper prepared, and final zero check on rifles and handgun...
  4. memtb

    Sorta Gear Related

    If a shooting range “can” be classified as gear! 🤔 We’ve had a 300 yard range with a backstop at our home for about 20 years. But, it was impractical for semi-auto handgun work, as the brass was near, we did very little practice with our defense handguns! That was changed...
  5. memtb

    An Ole Timer

    I thought that some of you may find this interesting! memtb
  6. memtb

    Preparing for a Western Hunt

    I thought this may be a good place to post this. Many questions are asked pertaining to.....what equipment, sleeping bags/clothing ect., are suggested for a western hunt. Many cannot appreciate the temperature extremes we can enjoy. This is only late October, and our home is only at 4200 feet...
  7. memtb

    For The Handgun Hunter

    As many of us venture into the mountains chasing Mule Deer or Elk, one of the bounties bestowed upon us is the opportunity to put a grouse in the pot. It doesn’t get much better than enjoying a meal of freshly caught Brookies or a nice grouse or two. With a rifle, head shots on a grouse...
  8. memtb

    For the Big Bore Guys

    I got a Marlin Guide Gun (45-70) about 6 years ago, and a bullet mold for casting bullets. Far too much work around the place, and other issues prevented me from doing anything with my new, now old gun! Two years ago, finally got some bullets cast. That was were the process stopped, until the...
  9. memtb

    Checking-In from Wyoming

    Recently joined the forum, and have already made several posts.....prior to an introduction! Born and raised in Louisiana, moved to Wyoming in 1985, and recently retired. Married a Wyoming girl in 1991, who loves the out of doors, as much as I. In fact, her Bighorn Sheep, and 2 Pronghorns, dwarf...
  10. memtb

    Wyoming Mountain Goat Areas - Suggestions

    ?If? you were to win the Wyoming lottery for Mountain Goat......which area 1 or 3. The area qualifiers would be.....we will be on foot, and both are crowding the 70 year old mark. Will be doing day hunts from roads, two tracks, trails, etc. So....any recommendations! This would have been much...