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  1. bigmoose

    Corrosive Accubond Tips

    I started going through some of my reloads to see if I had enough for this hunting season and found these 30 cal. Accubonds with some of the tips gone or partly gone. These were reloads from 2015 and were stored in the house at room temperature. I sure did not expect to see this corrosion going...
  2. bigmoose

    Nice Montana Bull

    While on vacation, I found this bull standing out in the middle of this creek. I'm not sure what he was eating but other elk were doing the same thing. These photos were taken on 8/17 and he was already hard horned.
  3. bigmoose

    Moose's California Bighorn

    I did not want to hi-jack another thread so I'll post my story here. I drew a California Bighorn tag in 98 for 032. I had no idea about judging rams so I after I took the NDOW sheep class I went to several taxidermists and checked out all their clients rams so I would have a clue. I can tell you...
  4. bigmoose

    Nice Buck While Scouting Last August

    We watched this buck most of the summer and of course he was no where to be found during the season. These photos were taken August 4th and he may have gotten a little bigger by the Fall. I took these photos by just holding my camera up to my spotting scope. I thought what the heck? I'll give a...
  5. bigmoose

    Big Buck from the 50's

    How's this for a California buck? He is a 32 inch 4X5 that was killed near Bishop back in the 50's. He has a short left main beam but still a "shooter"! The antlers have been hanging in a barn in the Sierra Valley for many years and recently were given to a friend of mine. I'm puting them on a...
  6. bigmoose

    A Couple More Blacktail/Muley Photos

    Here are a couple more photos of the buck I found in a snow storm. I took me awhile, but I finally found him again. He was hanging out with five or six other bucks and several turkeys.
  7. bigmoose

    Photos of a Couple Blacktail the Rut

    The rut is on out here for our Blacktail/Muley cross bucks and I was able to photograph a couple nice bucks. I've seen both these guys before and could not get them on camera or just got parting shots as they were very spooky. With the onset of the rut, they've thrown caution to the wind and...
  8. bigmoose

    Central Wyoming Landscapes

    I shot these photos on a antelope hunt last September. Beautiful country and we had a great hunt. Moose
  9. bigmoose

    Nice D5 Buck

    I found this guy bedded back in a pine/fir thicket resting as the rut winds downs. One of the bigger bucks I've seen this year. There were alot of forkies chasing does during the rut. Moose
  10. bigmoose

    Jim Speck's Passing

    So sorry to hear of Jim Speck's passing. He was featured in one of the early EHJ and was truly a "mule deer stalker" and great outdoorsman.