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  1. Maxhunter

    Monster Muley Shot By 14yr Old

    This buck was shot by a 14yr old girl in Saskatchewan this fall. What a beast of a buck.
  2. Maxhunter

    Black Powder Hunter Kills Bowhunter in CO

    I'm not sure if this has been posted. The black powder Hunter broke the golden rule and didn't indentify his target. Sad situation all around.
  3. Maxhunter

    WY Grizzly Attack Injures Hunter

    At least the hunter didn't get killed. The sow and cubs didn't fair well. We definitely need a grizzly season.
  4. Maxhunter

    2021 AZ Archery Coues Buck

    This buck was just recently shot in AZ at 36yds. Thought you all might like to see it.
  5. Maxhunter

    Extremists Petition Biden Admin to Ban Import of Interstate Game

    Thought you all might like to see this.
  6. Maxhunter

    Possible Poached Mule Deer Buck Idaho

    This buck was shot back in 2016 and their taking the guy to court on Thursday. Sad to see a trophy buck shot like this just for the "Look at Me" photo.
  7. Maxhunter

    New World Record Nontypical Elk Seems like a down to earth type guy!
  8. Maxhunter

    Which One Would You Shoot?

    A friend of mine took this picture of these two great bucks. If you had a tag and could only shoot one which one would you shoot? I like hunting whitetail but big mulies are my favorite. I would definitely shoot the mulie.
  9. Maxhunter

    WY NR Elk Draw Results Tomorrow

    The nonresident elk draw results should be available tomorrow. It's usually at 10:00am mountain time. Good luck everyone!
  10. Maxhunter

    WY Bison/Goat/Moose/Sheep Results

    All the draw results is going to be posted on May 3th. Good luck everyone who applied.
  11. Maxhunter

    WY Senator Pushing Bill to Let States Regulate Grizzlies

    Looks like Cynthia Lummis and some others western states are trying to force the Feds to let states manage the Bears. Hope they are successful.
  12. Maxhunter

    New Electric Endurance Beta Truck

    It only has a range of 250 miles. Who's gong to jump on this?
  13. Maxhunter

    2021 WY Bill for Tag Increases

    This bill is out and it looks like thier going to increase the prices for nonresidents etc. Bison will be $6000 for a nonresident.
  14. Maxhunter

    Alaska Draws Results

    Anybody draw anything? I know they already did the draw.
  15. Maxhunter

    WI Approved Wolf Hunt

    Looks like WI is going to have a wolf hunt soon. Hope it doesn't get shut down by some judge.
  16. Maxhunter

    New WY G&F Login Portal

    I saw CC posted about the new portal access for the WY G&F. Here's how you have to log in. There's also a video they did. Hope this helps.
  17. Maxhunter

    Gun Registration Bill HR 127

    I'm not sure if some of you have seen this, but the bill was introduced by Rep Jackson Lee Shiela D-TX. It's the government wanting you register your guns plus other requirements. Crazy times we live in.
  18. Maxhunter

    New Bill Introduce to Affect DIY Elk Hunters

    Basically the state outfitters are trying to get more tags for there clients.
  19. Maxhunter

    CA Introduction of Bill SB 252 Prohibit Bear Hunting

    This bill wants to eliminate bear hunting or trapping etc. Doesn't CA have better things to worry about! Maybe the western states who have Grizzlies should donate them to CA since it's thier state animal for reintroduction...
  20. Maxhunter

    Monster Whitetail Dead Head Found in Ohio

    This dead head was found by a guy walking his hunting property in Ohio. It's a beast of a buck.