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  1. HuskyMusky

    6.8 Western

    6.5 PRC looks pretty cool. 270wsm with some of those 145/150grainers might do the job. 6.8 also an option. that 300wsm with 150 should kick less than 180+ grainers. there's always a muzzle brake, but not my favorite. .257wby.... 6.5-300wby 6.5 RPM... let us know what you choose. PS- not...
  2. HuskyMusky

    6.8 Western

    not opposed to the 6.8 or 270wsm but I think for most the 300wsm w/150gr @ 3300 fps offers more options and is better choice. with the bigger bore, the 300 needs less barrel to accomplish the same velocities. so unless you really want to shoot far 600-1000yrds... and or must have a 26"...
  3. HuskyMusky

    Texas points sheep?

    anyone know when TX began it's preference point system? particularly for desert bighorn sheep? seems hard to find any info on when it began and/or whats the max # of points for texas? I read odds of 1 in bout 5,500. I think that's # of applicants however, and now they're cubing points ^3 so...
  4. HuskyMusky

    First Elk ever!

    Congrats! I need my first elk with a bow! Did you hunt public land? general tag or limited? How was the pack out?? all you or the gf help out? 😊
  5. HuskyMusky

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    2 boxes, 40 rounds. I suppose 1 game animal, 1 box is probably enough, but as a non-res.... do you really want to be in the middle of nowhere with 1 box. Plus it's such a small item, store in the truck, camp, pack etc... also again if traveling a ways....vs your backyard.... you get to camp...
  6. HuskyMusky

    Removable blades or fixed blade?

    Love a good high quality knife. but that eastmans knife, got a couple, love it.... think I'll be sticking to that for a long, long time!
  7. HuskyMusky

    College Visit

    all these kids now.... in emails etc.... post their preferred pronouns etc....they them etc...
  8. HuskyMusky

    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    .243 Win. 80-85gr TTSX ~3300fps. .270win 130gr backup. if you go 25-06, I'd say go 100gr bullet. I think a 6.5prc with a 120 or 140 could be pretty awesome, or if they ever do a 7mm prc....with 120/140... I guess that could include a 280ai.... but inside of 500yds I think the .243win is...
  9. HuskyMusky

    Question...Starter Gun For Kids?

    .410 of course. then .270win....which in hindsight, I think a .243win would've served me better.
  10. HuskyMusky

    Wyoming NR general tags - how many point required this year ??

    I'm not sure what the current ratios are....? but I assume this means giving non-res less tags, and residents more tags....? and if a non-res tag is 10x more than a resident tag.... that looks like ALOT of lost revenue... $$$ I wonder at what point non-res stop paying or resident stop paying...
  11. HuskyMusky

    Would you rather?!

    are those areas near Jackson wilderness? what are the different season dates? you going DIY I assume... vs guided?
  12. HuskyMusky

    Caption contest for prize!

    "Grizz Country"
  13. HuskyMusky

    Breakdown of my DREAM rifle (what is yours?)

    I also wonder about WBY and a 284 RPM.... I think both of these would be a better offering than the 6.5's. or at least another great option, but I wonder if from history they don't want to kill off their own cartridges/sales. of course the 284 rpm would be a long action....but basically hod...
  14. HuskyMusky

    Breakdown of my DREAM rifle (what is yours?)

    .300 WSM, short action, 23" spiral fluted barrel, 1:11" twist .284 PRC(7mm-6.5prc) short action, 22" barrel, maybe even 20" barrel.
  15. HuskyMusky

    Colorado CC hit....

    I thought they already happened..... I was surprised to find out, I did not draw a Moose tag. :D:ROFLMAO:
  16. HuskyMusky

    Wyoming bighorn

    looks good, I like that wall pedestal.
  17. HuskyMusky

    Costco Trekking Poles

    What state are you in? tried looking them up online, didn't see any....
  18. HuskyMusky

    Montana moose, sheep, mt. goat & bison results

    no luck here, thought my dad was going to draw his goat tag... no luck in Utah.... not sure what states are left....? Nevada?
  19. HuskyMusky

    Utah CC Hits.

    no luck here, or in MT
  20. HuskyMusky

    Costco Trekking Poles

    How's the weight? I don't have any yet.... but planned to get some if I ever did a long hike, backpack, etc... mountain hunt. was reading about the premium poles being carbon fiber now.....ultra light...strong....I assumed I'd get some of those when I needed em.