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  1. eaglemountainman

    MagnetoSpeed Sport Chrono

    I'm looking to purchase my first chronograph and have been giving the Sport model a look at $179. From the videos and reviews that I've seen so far, they seem like a straight forward, accurate and convenient unit to set up and use, even in shit weather. Does anyone here have any experience with...
  2. eaglemountainman

    When are Wyoming tags mailed

    Has anyone received their Wyoming deer or antelope tags yet. I thought I had mine by this time, last year.
  3. eaglemountainman

    WTB RCBS Reloading Equipment

    Looking to get back into reloading and searching for vintage RCBS equipment... pre Chinese crap. For now, specifically looking for a Rock Chucker press, an Ohaus 10-10 scale, powder measure and case trimmer. A bundle would be great, though a piece at a time works also. Thanks.