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  1. KHSRanger23

    My First Ca Bear

    Congratulations on a heck of a nice bear.
  2. KHSRanger23

    Finally, 2021 Wyoming Unit 26 Moose Hunt Tag!

    Pine Valley is pretty far south from were I live and spend most of my hunting time. The weather has cooled off a lot in Utah over the past week with lots of snow and rain. Hopefully the change in temperature will help you on your hunt.
  3. KHSRanger23

    Idaho Wolf Bounty Program

    Interesting article with lots of different thoughts from all the different groups involved. I cant imagine a scenario were enough wolves are killed that would require them to be relisted under the endangered species act...
  4. KHSRanger23

    Finally, 2021 Wyoming Unit 26 Moose Hunt Tag!

    Congratulations on a heck of a bull.
  5. KHSRanger23

    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    What a sad and crazy situation .Will be interesting to to see the outcome of the law enforcement investigation. As many of you on this thread already mentioned too many cases where folks shot at noise or movement as opposed to verifying the target.
  6. KHSRanger23

    Once in a lifetime...ND Elk Tag!

    Congratulations on a heck of a bull. Great pictures and write on your hunt as well.
  7. KHSRanger23

    2021 AZ Archery Coues Buck

    Wow what a great Coues buck! Congratulations.
  8. KHSRanger23

    Which One Would You Shoot?

    Not having hunted Whitetails or seen too many of them, I think I would go with the Whitetail Buck. Just kidding. Like others on this thread, I too am a sucker for non typical Mule Deer bucks and that one is a dandy. The drop tine is gnarly and awesome to go with all the extra points.
  9. KHSRanger23

    SE AK black bear 2021 success!

    Nice write up and pictures. Congratulation's on a great hunt and heck of a nice bear.
  10. KHSRanger23

    Question...Starter Gun For Kids?

    The first weapon my kids and nephews shot was a .22 they are light and the ammo is cheap. Great starter weapon to begin with for weapon safety and basic marksmanship. Then they moved on too a 5.56, again easy to shot with not much recoil. When they were old enough to hunt they started with .243...
  11. KHSRanger23

    New Guy

    Welcome Clayton.
  12. KHSRanger23

    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    Wow congratulations on drawing a heck of tag.
  13. KHSRanger23

    Wyoming bighorn

    Congratulations on a taking a heck of nice ram.
  14. KHSRanger23

    Utah Moose

    Congratulations to your wife on the moose tag. Lots of good advice from Hilltop/Jimp. I would add to watch some videos on calling moose and practice to be ready for hunting season. Its not hard to do, you can just use your hands and don't even have to buy a call. I had a moose tag in 2017 on...
  15. KHSRanger23

    Wolverine sighting Antelope Park, Ut

    ??????? is antelope island not an actual island? if it is how did it get there? I've always wanted to hunt there also, it probly hired a coyote to smuggle him in!!!! ;) As Jim mentioned the varying water level of the Great Salt Lake in his post. With low water levels you can walk/wade...
  16. KHSRanger23

    Wolverine sighting Antelope Park, Ut

    I was very surprised to see this story last week and video of a wolverine on Antelope Island of all places. Would be interesting to see were this wolverine came from and how far it traveled. I remember in 2014 when a wolverine was pictured on a game camera in the Uinta's and the news...
  17. KHSRanger23

    18 Year Wait

    Heck of a buck. Glad you patience paid off. Congratulations.
  18. KHSRanger23

    Is this poaching punishment enough?

    Suspending or revoking hunting rights and privilege's does not cut it as a punishment. If individuals are poaching then they have past the point were they care about being a hunter. I think depending on the severity of the poaching crime the punishments should be felony charges, jail/prison...
  19. KHSRanger23

    Lady Feeding Bears In Jackson Hole, WY!!!

    Too often when humans and animals interact like this it ends badly for all. When cases like this of people feeding bears comes up, I often think about Timothy Treadwell the so called Grizzly man. He blatantly put himself and the bears he interacted with in a dangerous position by not respecting...