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  1. Prerylyon

    Best Hunting Gear

    Well, I'll respond as if the OP is seeking advice on gear for western big game hunting. I have this rubber scope cover strap dealy; had it for almost 10 yrs. The rubber is still pliable; think it's called a 'bra' lol. It does sorta look like one. Anyhow, that thing was relatively cheap, and...
  2. Prerylyon

    Black Powder Hunter Kills Bowhunter in CO

    Awful, awful stuff; we all readily own our successes, but sadly also our failures. We all need to be careful out there. No critter is worth someone's husband, brother, or father. It's easy to be preachy, but we all need to be vigilant; stop and think before we do something we simply cannot...
  3. Prerylyon

    6.8 Western

    Yeppers. Been going back & forth on it for a few yrs now. In just that time, a few of these newer calibers came on the scene. One thing the 6.8 has going for it is the variety of .277 bullets out there; lots of choices if you wanted to load down, as well.
  4. Prerylyon

    6.8 Western

    I've convinced myself that I am in the market for a gun that's sensibly lethal on big game out to 500 yards-(with practice, of course)-in a production rifle. Something with reasonable recoil (I hate recoil! I know, I'm a wuss) that can push heavier, high BC bullets with enough speed to seal the...
  5. Prerylyon

    6.8 Western

    Does he like it? Any usage on game?
  6. Prerylyon

    6.8 Western

    Yeah, I hear ya; the 270 WSM is brought up a lot in these comps, but AFAIK the twist rate on those standard production barrels can't best handle the newer, long, heavier high BC bullets; no doubt a real good gunsmith probably could whip something sweet up in a custom rig.
  7. Prerylyon

    6.8 Western

    Last I looked, which was just a couple weeks ago, I couldn't find a production model 70 chambered for it. 😕 Winchester says they make them?? Did see some Brownings.
  8. Prerylyon

    6.8 Western

    What does everyone think of this one? The published performance numbers sure look good to me. Not that a rifle can be easily had with all the shortages right now, but man, it looks like Browning & Winchester may have engineered a winner. The twist rate in the production rifles sure look to...
  9. Prerylyon

    The Wild Game Eats Thread...

    Grilled antelope...TY Wyoming!
  10. Prerylyon

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

  11. Prerylyon

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    The .280 Rem does it all. Oh, I use a bipod. 😜 I took 19 rounds w/me to WY this week. I brought back 17 rounds to IA...😆
  12. Prerylyon

    Region R

    I'm not much help here, but I shot one in 2014 in the Natl Forest on an outfitted mountain hunt; nothing special, but my 1st Muley and in some amazing country with some amazing people...
  13. Prerylyon

    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    So, this was DIY, & I forgot my camera, best selfie I could do, plus, I take lousy pics; but here it is! Thanks to my supporting crew: Winchester, Speer, Alliant, Burris, Sig/Sauer (rangefinder-won on here!), Harris Bipods, Danner, Fort Caspar campground, Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant...go...
  14. Prerylyon

    Gun Shops - Casper?

    Just seeking a line on gunshops in the Casper area; gonna be heading out soon & like to know what's out there, Thanks! 👍
  15. Prerylyon

    First Elk ever!

    Nice! Sometimes it just all works out, doesn't it? Congrats!👍
  16. Prerylyon

    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    He turned out really sweet! I want one! 🤠
  17. Prerylyon

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    That's a really sweet set; that may be my leather working project this winter; try to make me one. 🤠
  18. Prerylyon

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    Wow, I feel pretty cheap now for taking only 20 rounds with me! 😂 I don't consider myself a great shot or anything like that; more I think it's a matter of finding the time to reload/laziness reloading/OCD reloading perfectionism on my part. Re-checking zeroes, among other reasons brought up...
  19. Prerylyon

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    So, this occured to me the other day; how many rounds do guys take with them on a western big game hunt, say, for 1 tag? I've only been on 4 hunting trips over the last 7 yrs out west. I've taken 20 rounds each time. Thinking about it, that seemed like a lot, and each time where I filled a tag...
  20. Prerylyon

    2021 WY Quality

    Well, headed out WY soon; won't be tossing my doe tag; intend to hunt hard and hopefully fill it.