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  1. HuskyMusky

    Texas points sheep?

    anyone know when TX began it's preference point system? particularly for desert bighorn sheep? seems hard to find any info on when it began and/or whats the max # of points for texas? I read odds of 1 in bout 5,500. I think that's # of applicants however, and now they're cubing points ^3 so...
  2. HuskyMusky

    How to Hunt Mountain Goat?

    mostly interested in hearing from those who have done it? guided/unguided? lower 48, vs Alaska/Canada? I was looking a few units in MT....and thought well they have to be at the tops of the mountains/ranges right? ie., they're not scattered throughout the entire unit like elk/mule deer would...
  3. HuskyMusky

    GPS, mapping, OnX? others?

    I know there are a few gps options out there....? it's been years since I bought one. Is OnX the one to get? other options/brands/apps? also do these just work on your smart phone now? or do you still want to a buy a handheld gps? anyone know if these show landowner info as well? Thanks...
  4. HuskyMusky

    Ultralight Hunting Backpacks?

    Anyone know of ultralight backpacks for hunting? I'm familiar with the backpacking packs...and some of those ultralight options are 20-30oz 65liter style packs... I've looked at some hunting packs and they seem to be... 6-8lbs+ for a 4500ci style pack etc... not sure many recreational...
  5. HuskyMusky

    NM oryx?

    I see the Jan,Feb seasons are tougher to draw....? is that just a time of year issue? or is there a better reason to hunt them in jan/feb as opposed to sept oct ?? I assume more guys are just hunting elk etc...other animals then and take a chance at them in jan/feb...
  6. HuskyMusky

    The Utah Bison Units/Hunts...?

    any view/insight on the varying units for bison in Utah? mostly Henry mountains vs the others....?? ie., would you much prefer the hunt/adventure in the henry's over the other hunts? also of the others book cliffs vs antelope island...? I'm assuming I don't want the antelope island hunt...
  7. HuskyMusky

    Archery Shiras Moose?

    What are your thoughts on the odds of being successful hunting a shiras out west with a bow vs. a rifle? ie., is bow something like 10% but a rifle would be 90% ?? any thoughts?
  8. HuskyMusky

    Pre, RUT, Post??

    What's your preference for when to hunt elk if you could only pick 1 time period? I feel like most think the rut is the end all be all, and sure you'll hear and see more bulls, but does that actually translate into killing more elk/being more successful? I'm debating a pre rut archery elk...
  9. HuskyMusky

    Archery ELK, pre, rut, post??

    So of course you hear and see more elk during the peak of the Rut, but does that actually lead to success/killing? ex. do you think sitting water pre-rut in New Mexico you could be successful vs calling/hunting during the rut peak? also what about just pre rut and hunting vs sitting water...
  10. HuskyMusky

    Squat Rack...

    Kinda surprised to see some steel racks in the $380-480 price range that look halfway decent....?? Probably going to build my own out of 4x4 posts, for $75, but at about $400 for a a real steel squat rack has me thinking, although looks a bit light duty.... always thought a good rack was like...
  11. HuskyMusky

    NA10 Most Bow-Hunt-Able animals...?

    Curious what others think are the "easier" more bow huntable animals to be successful hunting are...? Feel free to expand the NA10 list further if you feel, ex., Brown bear impossible to bear easier... NA10 (in order from sentiment, will be updated) Deer (Whitetail... ) Bear...
  12. HuskyMusky

    300 PRC, 375 Ruger, wouldn't they be better if...?

    Wouldn't the 300prc and 375 Ruger be even better if they were magnum length vs standard? I realize they came out to fit into standard length actions... I just think they would fill a nice niche between say the 375H&H and 375 RUM or 300win.mag, and 300 RUM they'd give you increased...
  13. HuskyMusky

    Get caught Poaching, Lose ALL your Bonus Points??

    I don't know how each state operates, but I had the thought, that poachers should lose all their bonus points if caught. Not sure how many poachers have built up a bunch of points, but could be a good deterrent. What do you think?
  14. HuskyMusky

    Bonus points for Mountain Goat and Rocky Bighorn? Non-res off years.

    I'm surprised NV won't let non-res, at least buy and build points for Mountain Goat and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, even when they're closed in off years?? I mean we have to front the $160 license we should be able to keep building points IMO. for even off species. Not to mention the state...
  15. HuskyMusky

    Eastmans' in Colorado?

    What units do they hunt? Private land vs public? draw tags vs Landowner? I'd like to hunt CO antelope in the future... seems like much of the good goat country is on private land or long draw odds? thanks for any insight!
  16. HuskyMusky

    MT Mule Deer over $600?

    Why does MT charge over $600 for a mule deer tag??
  17. HuskyMusky

    Why no standardized .24-06 and .26-06 ??

    Seems like these 2 could be pretty popular, no? fast, high BC,
  18. HuskyMusky

    Wyoming's Top Scoring Pronghorn?

    Noticed in eastmans' mrs.... 2 of the top 3 pronghorn have come from fremont country, anyone know which units these came out of? also they said they were from 2016 and 2017. Looks like WY biggest antelope ever scored 92 0/8. Wow! I think if I was lucky enough to take anything over 82" I would...
  19. HuskyMusky

    Archery Elk Opportunity Hunt Suggestion...?

    strongly considering a DIY archery elk hunt this fall, just not sure where... I have points in most states that I probably don't want to burn, so 2nd choice or a draw somewhere like ID, NM, etc...maybe MT or other state and not burn my points. would like to be successful harvesting an elk with...
  20. HuskyMusky

    .416's w/ 350gr TSX @~2700fps?

    came across a .416 rem load with a 350 tsx around 2700fps Have a .340wby, thinking possibly insead of the 375H&H, that a 416rem/rigby could do more for me. maybe one day I'll have both, but would the 416 be better for me than the 375. maybe one day I'll hunt brown bear and africa, but more...