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  1. eaglemountainman

    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Well, for the second year my intention was to shoot a Wyoming muley with an iron sighted Savage 99. This year, I brought the '59 99F in .250Sav. But this year's drought had the sage and Greasewood stunted so badly that it offered no cover for a stalk and shot within 150. Plus the muleys had...
  2. eaglemountainman

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    Being a northeastern whitetail stillhunter my whole life, a lot of the shots presented to me are offhand without any kind of an aid. Granted, most are inside of 70 yds and I very seldom take a shot at a running deer. When I'm out west hunting mule deer or antelope, I most often have time to set...
  3. eaglemountainman

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    I'm with, buckbull, except I carry 1 box each for my primary and secondary rifles, and don't feel handicapped. For this years WY muley trip, it will be an open sighted Savage 99F in 250Sav backed up by a Montana in 7-08. I fly and have to be careful how much weight I put in my Pelican case. I...
  4. eaglemountainman

    Hammer Hunters

    For the guys using these, what is your source for load data? Is there a published Hammer manual? My initial search has not turned up much. I'm not very app savvy.
  5. eaglemountainman

    Where is everyone?

    I'm still new to this forum....only becoming active the last year or so. But when I registered, I remember noting to myself how slow and inactive this forum is compared to others like Rokslide and 24HourCampfire. Still, I like it here because the political BS is way less present than other...
  6. eaglemountainman

    MagnetoSpeed Sport Chrono

    I'm looking to purchase my first chronograph and have been giving the Sport model a look at $179. From the videos and reviews that I've seen so far, they seem like a straight forward, accurate and convenient unit to set up and use, even in shit weather. Does anyone here have any experience with...
  7. eaglemountainman

    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    260 Rem or 7-08, both pushing 120 TTSXs
  8. eaglemountainman

    When are Wyoming tags mailed

    Received my deer tag today, but no regs guide. I think I read somewhere that they are a separate mailing.
  9. eaglemountainman

    When are Wyoming tags mailed

    Has anyone received their Wyoming deer or antelope tags yet. I thought I had mine by this time, last year.
  10. eaglemountainman

    WTB RCBS Reloading Equipment

    Looking to get back into reloading and searching for vintage RCBS equipment... pre Chinese crap. For now, specifically looking for a Rock Chucker press, an Ohaus 10-10 scale, powder measure and case trimmer. A bundle would be great, though a piece at a time works also. Thanks.
  11. eaglemountainman

    What kind of hunter...

    I consider myself a Northeastern stillhunter and snow tracker of whitetails, first and foremost. I learned from my dad and grandpa starting at the age of six or so. In my 20s, 30s and 40s, my buddies and I did a lot of backpack hunts deep in the Adirondacks, the Poconos and the North Woods of...
  12. eaglemountainman

    Gun Cases?

    I'm a little late to the game here, but I'm another vote for the Pelican 1750. I've been flying for four years now with mine and , aside from a few black conveyor scuffs, it's as tight and straight as the day I took it out of the box. As for the TSA, some agents have required a lock in every...
  13. eaglemountainman

    Wyoming NR general tags - how many point required this year ??

    I drew a NR muley general tag last year with one point on a Special. I pulled the same tag this year with zero points.
  14. eaglemountainman

    New Mexico requiring quarantine

    My wife and stepdaughter are on a cross country road trip from Washington to Florida right now. They spent 2 1/2 days in NM without incident. Nor any other state on their route.
  15. eaglemountainman

    When Was The First....

    I was about 6. The family always spent a week, every year, chasing deer in the Adirondacks. My dad and Grandpa would always take me with them. I'd sit next to them at the base of a tree, or follow in their steps in the snow as they unraveled a buck track.. That was the beginning of my...
  16. eaglemountainman

    9 days

    Still no love in Maine. I'll try again next year. 34 years and counting. I'll probably draw the year I become incontinent, crippled up and half blind. Ha!, that could be any day now. Still have the Wy. muley draw to look forward to. Good luck to all.
  17. eaglemountainman

    2020 Mule Deer Success Thread

    Home from the taxi today. A huge thank you to Jesse at Rocky Top Taxidermy in Newcastle, Wy.
  18. eaglemountainman

    9 days

    Rich M Good post. Yeah, nothins' a given in fair chase. I would definitely use a guide for such a prized tag, though. The ticks have been a major problem for quite a few years up there. So, the Maine draw is today, and Wyoming is in 5 days. If I hit both, I'm gonna have a very busy season. If I...