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  1. blacktailhunter

    2019 fall bear

    I shot my first bear last night on the opener!
  2. blacktailhunter

    Waiting for hunting season

    this nice blacktail buck keeps showing up.
  3. blacktailhunter

    summer fishing

    some pics from this summer washington state, high mountain beaver pond and lake.
  4. blacktailhunter

    blacktail trail cam pics

    post em up!
  5. blacktailhunter


    fawn that is piebald that I saw several times while deer hunting this year!;)
  6. blacktailhunter

    2018 Muzzy deer

    got this on the last day in WA[ATTACH=CONFIG]22394
  7. blacktailhunter

    blackout intrigue

    has anybody used it? i am looking for a good starter bow for deer and elk, it will be my first bow if i buy it.
  8. blacktailhunter

    blackout intrigue

    has anybody ever used it? I was looking for a bow( It will be my first one) for not to much money.
  9. blacktailhunter

    Hello everybody!

    Hey, sorry I didn't post here right away. I am from clark county, WA. I love hunting, trapping and fishing. I just enjoy being out in the woods.
  10. blacktailhunter

    Muzzeloader elk and deer in Washougal GMU?

    Does anyone have any advice for muzzeloader elk and deer hunting in the Washougal GMU? (GMU 568)