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  1. jmwyoming

    V.J. Day 1945

    Today was the official surrender of the Japanese signed on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo bay 1945.
  2. jmwyoming

    D DAY 1944

    It probably won't be on news or in the newspaper. I had 2 great uncles who were part of operation overlord. 1 who landed on Omaha beachhead 1st infantry Div. The other at St Mere Eglise 82nd Abn. Both had already seen combat in North Africa and Sicily. Thank you to all the WW2 generation for...
  3. jmwyoming

    V.E. DAY

    Today is V.E Day 1945. Victory in Europe day. It used to be celebrated, now its hardly ever mentioned or recognized. Not many WW2 veterans left.
  4. jmwyoming

    IMR 7828

    Anyone hear anything about IMR discontinuing their 7828 powder?
  5. jmwyoming

    cabela's military discount

    I was just made aware today from a Cabela's customer service rep that the Military discount is only valid on in store purchases. As per the service rep it changed when Bass pro took over. I wonder when they will decide to do away with it altogether?
  6. jmwyoming

    45-75 wcf and 45-90 wcf ammo

    Looking for 45-75 wcf for my win 1876 and 1886. Can anyone help me out. Thanks, John.
  7. jmwyoming

    woodstoves in tents

    what do you guys use under your cylinder tent stoves to protect your tent floor from heat and sparks?
  8. jmwyoming


    Did they announce the winners yet?
  9. jmwyoming

    deer tags

    Anybody get there deer or elk license in the mail yet?
  10. jmwyoming

    Crimp or not ?

    Is it necessary or even recommended to crimp (roll or tapered) on my 300 weatherby mag. the rifle is a rem 700 classic in 300 weatherby. norma cases, 180 gr nosler accubonds. some say yes others say never. I would appreciate any advice you guys can give me, thanks, john.
  11. jmwyoming

    Chamber pressures

    Hey guys, where can I find out what the different chamber pressures are for my 300 Weatherby mag. I'm using IMR 7828 trying out loads from 80.5 grains up to the max of 84.5 grains as per nosler reloading book. With a 180 gr accubond. Thanks, John
  12. jmwyoming

    Nikon monarch and leupold vari-x iii

    The Nikon monarch is a 6-24x50 with nikoplex crosshair. It has the sun shade never used, as well as the target type high profile knob, cap, and screw, never used. The Leupold is a vari-x III 3.5-10x40. Both are in excellent condition. If interested send me a p.m. will sell separate. Leupold is...
  13. jmwyoming


    looking for the correct way to measure my length of pull. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. John
  14. jmwyoming

    scope help

    Does anybody have any insight on the burris eliminator III? Thinking of putting it one my 300 weatherby. Is it easy to set up with your rifle? Is it accurate? Is it worth the cost? Also what mounts would you suggest? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, john
  15. jmwyoming

    lightweight synthetic rifle stocks

    I have a Remington 700 classic in 300 weatherby. I would like to replace the wood stock with a lightweight synthetic stock. I could sure use some help as to what manufacture to go with. Do I need a full aluminum bedding block or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, john.
  16. jmwyoming


    Eberlestock h2 gun runner in hide open western slope, new or used in good codition.
  17. jmwyoming

    Topo maps

    Im looking for a good quality topo map for Colorado gmu 66. I would like it to show public as well as private land. 1:24000 scale preferred. I have the garmin Oregon with the onxmaps chip, but would like to have a map to view things on a larger scale. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. jmwyoming

    units 67, 481

    my brother and I are DIY hunters, we have no points for Colorado but want to hunt elk this year. preferably 1st season rifle. has anybody hunted unit 67 or 481? or any other units that we could hunt 1st season. we would really appreciate any help. thanks
  19. jmwyoming

    colorado elk units 66,67, and 481

    I did not draw for Wyoming elk 2013, so I want to apply for Colorado elk 1st season rifle. I have zero points. can anyone suggest which unit would be my best bet. I saw that 67,and 481 non residents need 0 points. I hunted 54 1st season elk in 2009, did not hear 1 shot the 1st or 2nd day. hunted...