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  1. Travis Horner

    Hi this is Jake from Oregon

    Absolutely, I think all of us on here might understand a little about your passion. Being an ethical, fair chase hunter isn't a seasonal sport, it's a lifestyle. I get frustrated with people that treat hunting as if it's just some kind of pass time one does in the fall. They will guilt trip you...
  2. Travis Horner

    Hi this is Jake from Oregon

    Welcome to the Forum Jake!
  3. Travis Horner

    Mule Deer Tactics (Early Season)

    Before I do an early hunt for mule deer I find out where the deer aint, where the deer are, and who the deer is, by Scouting! To be an absolutely effective mule deer hunter, one needs to spend time afield throughout the early to late summer months. Get to know the animals you are hunting. I...
  4. Travis Horner

    Who taught you to hunt?

    A man by the name of Timothy R. Barnett from Wolf Point, MT. He raised me from the age of 3 to 14. A character by any man's standard, but a damn good hunter and the best mechanic I've ever known. He past on to the next life in 2013...
  5. Travis Horner

    When Did You Kill Your First Elk?

    I was 38, October 2020. It's Never too late to fulfill your dreams!
  6. Travis Horner

    Hunting Solo?

    I hunted solo for many years until I experienced what it was like to help someone else succeed. Now it is very rare to find me in the field alone. My wife and I share the same love and passion for being surrounded my creations blessings. We have learned to enjoy the little things together, no...
  7. Travis Horner

    Who else is...

    Yeah man! It sucked indeed. My wife has some magic potions she used on me with a couple epsom salt soaks / day for 3 days, I was good to go. But then the flue kicked in. So I went from bad leg day transitioned into the flue or whatever they are callin it these days. Turned out to be a crappy...
  8. Travis Horner

    Who else is...

    The one day I leave the house, both drivers side car tires flat, 5 degrees, wait for diesel to warm up, skip stretching to make up time and what do you know, I now have a grade 1-2 muscle strain in my quad. Any of you 40 year olds tell me how long that might take to heal. 🤪
  9. Travis Horner

    Eastmans magazine

    I haven't been to a barbershop since 2003. :rolleyes: It was just a couple years later and POOF! 🤯 It's totally un-necessary now... As far as old magazines, I get that question in the office quite often. I like the idea of sending them off to our military service members deployed around the...
  10. Travis Horner

    It's Official I'm Going Back

    To have just one opportunity to go over seas and hunt anywhere else in the world besides the states would be a dream come true. I've got a couple spots waiting for a Kudu and a Sable Antelope when it happens... There is so much adventure out their. Go get it!!!!
  11. Travis Horner

    High country mulies 21' who's in??

    I'm ready to move on from the noise of politics and get climbing!!!!
  12. Travis Horner

    Who else is...

    Friday - Light Upper Body & Hit Superset Chest Dips 3 x 12 / Machine Row 3 x 12 Superset Dumbbell Pullovers into single dumbbell chest press 3 x 15 + 15 / Lat Pull down 3 x 15 Superset Standing Cable Fly Low to High 3 x 20 / Seated Cable Row 3 x 15 Standing Dumbbell Lat Raises 3 x 15 - Drop Set...
  13. Travis Horner

    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    Oh man! Time to start planning 2021 already... I have a feeling this might be one of my busiest seasons to date, but I'm down for as much adventure as can be stuffed into a backcountry pack. First step - Anoint my youngest son as a teenager, get him into the Wyoming Hunter education program and...
  14. Travis Horner

    Who is this guy?

    What's up Gentz! I've been poking around the forum now for the past year, but just realized I didn't introduce myself; wow...Awkward! My name is Travis Horner. I grew up in Eastern Montana hunting the prairies and the badlands. Like many teenagers these days, I slipped out of the lifestyle...
  15. Travis Horner

    Who else is...

    "I want to be the best!" That means different things to different people, but sometimes when I say that or push harder than those around me, I get a lot of attitude and envy in the gym or in the field. I am creeping up on 39. I feel like I have a good Oorah left in me. So, Yes, I want to give it...
  16. Travis Horner

    Merry Christmas Eastmans' Forum

    Well that was one of the most relaxing Christmas breaks I have ever had....MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  17. Travis Horner

    The Memes Thread!

  18. Travis Horner

    Jim Shockey

    Not exactly, but I do believe he gave us a way to know in His preserved word. that's all.
  19. Travis Horner

    Jim Shockey

    I like the direction this is going. However, I think it can be too easy to look at America and our view and pretend we are looking through biblical goggles, but we need to remember as we look at events in our nation, God sees the whole. I don't think God is as interested in the preservation of...
  20. Travis Horner

    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    No, I'm one of those that believes "This too shall pass." But the flu is pretty serious too with 38 million illnesses, 18 million medical visits, 405,000 hospitalizations, and 22,000 deaths this year alone and the flu hits annually and totaling the combined flue epidemics to hit the world...