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  1. prhunter

    AZ CC hits

    AZ started hitting CCs this morning for the fall hunts. I was fortunate enough to draw a coues tag. Don't know which unit yet. Congrats to all who drew.
  2. prhunter

    Help me decide...

    Colorado muzzleloader elk or Wyoming pronghorn. Both hunts happen around the same time so I can only do one. Currently sitting on 5 WY pts which gives me some options. I have no points for elk in CO but it is closer than WY. Let me know what you all think.
  3. prhunter

    2021 AZ Javelina

    Took this adult javelina last Monday during the AZ general season. Like always, it was good spending time in the outdoors. Hope everyone else is having a good season.
  4. prhunter

    taking off tomorrow...

    Taking off tomorrow to AZ for our annual javelina trip. We'll have a full camp this year. Weather should be good. Full report after the hunt. Good luck to who ever else is going out.
  5. prhunter

    AZ CC hit

    My CC was hit today... I guess I drew a javelina tag... just need to find out which unit. Good luck to all.
  6. prhunter

    Win M70

    Hello all! I just recently acquired a Winchester Model 70 chambered in 7mm Rem Mag. Judging by the serial number it appears to have been manufactured around 1973. Good, solid rifle with proof that it has been taken out to the field. Now the question is, which optic for it??? My current options...
  7. prhunter

    skunked in Colorado

    Just returned from my Colorado muzzleloader elk hunt. The area we hunted was at elevations above 10,800' to approximately 11,300'. There was a lot of elk sign (rubs, tracks, etc.) in the area which made things look promising. On day two of the hunt we had 4 different bulls responding to my cow...
  8. prhunter

    Bow Question ???

    Just wanted to know if any knew anything or had any experience with Quest brand bows. I'm looking at a good deal on a Quest Forge "Ol' reliable" bow with accessories. Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. prhunter

    How many hunting packs ???

    Just wondering how many hunting packs you all have.... I currently own 4 dedicated hunting packs. 3 Eberlestock packs (Slingshot, Gunrunner, X2) and recently acquired a Mystery Ranch Pop Up 38. I also have a meat hauling frame and several military style rucksacks
  10. prhunter

    Kenetrek boot size

    I wear size 10 boots for work on a daily basis. I have also used 10.5. Both have worked well. (mostly Danners and Rockys) Currently looking at some Kenetrek Mountain Extremes in 10.5. I'm also thinking about the 1/2 size larger in the event I put on thicker socks or a liner/sock combination...
  11. prhunter

    2020 Alternatives

    Drew an elk tag in Colorado this year... very excited for that. However, I struck out in all the other states I applied for. Currently looking for alternate hunts. NM and AZ nonlonger have leftover tags available. Considering OTC Barbary Sheep in NM or OTC fall bear in AZ. Not sure if there is...
  12. prhunter

    Hands Feee Rifle Carry

    Changing backpacks this season from an Eberlestock to a Mystery Ranch Pop Up 38. Now I need some kind of hands free rifle carry. I'm currently looking at the Mystery Ranch Quick Draw sling, Gun Bearer, Pak-Rat rifle sling, Sling Saddle and others. Any thoughts or experiences with any of the...
  13. prhunter

    In the market for a hunting pack

    Hello everyone... I am currently shopping around for a new hunting day pack. I'm looking at bags in the 2000Ci range. Meat shelf preferred and the ability to carry a rifle would be a big plus. I am the owner of an Eberlestock X2. Great pack but no rifle scabbard. I also own an Eberlestock H2...
  14. prhunter

    AZ Deer

    AZ is hitting credit cards. Good luck everyone!!
  15. prhunter

    Colorado Wyoming

    Does anyone know if Colorado will release their deer/elk draw results before the Wyoming antelope/deer deadline this year?
  16. prhunter

    Knight DISC

    Greeting all, I have an older 50 cal Knight DISK. It uses the original DISK 209 primer ignition system (orange). The barrel is kinda short... under 26" for sure. My question is... does anyone know when were those rifles being manufactured and the rate of twist on those barrels? Thanks in advance.
  17. prhunter

    CO 1st rifle elk vs. muzzy elk

    I'm sure its been talked about here before but.... Which would you all prefer? Colorado muzzleloader elk or Colorado first rifle elk? What would be pro/cons on one hunt vs the other?
  18. prhunter

    2020 AZ Javelina

    Greetings all, So this year I was able to take a nice AZ javelina boar. I was a week full of stalks and bad weather but somehow we made it work.
  19. prhunter

    Leupold Ultimate Slam SABR Reticle

    Just wondering if anyone here has any experience using these scopes with the SABR reticle. I plan on installing one on my Traditions In-Line Muzzleloader. Thanks in advance. Current load 2-50gr (100gr.) pellets, 250 Barnes Expander MZ.
  20. prhunter

    Wyoming Draw question

    Does Wyoming only consider the first two choices like Arizona does or are all three choices looked at like New Mexico does? Thank you in advance