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  1. sneakypete

    2020 Montana season

    My season started off with a lot of snow in central Montana, I glassed bigger bulls in areas that were very difficult to pack out with snow. I glassed my bull at 812 yards and stalked to 216 yards. I couldn’t had done it without my oldest son Greg and three other great friend. My buck I...
  2. sneakypete

    Montana Big game combo Altenates list

    In case you haven't phoned FWP, Montana had a computer glitch and over sold these tags. There Will be no alternates list for the big game combo😡The only combo available is the Deer combo, I was told by FWP that if you failed to draw the big game combo you'll be wasting your time getting on this...
  3. sneakypete

    Who's going to the WSF Show in Reno next week

    I'll be there Friday afternoon to win one of the <1 sheep hunts and Saturday all day!
  4. sneakypete

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas 🎄 to all may your stockings be filled with the tag of your dreams!
  5. sneakypete

    2018 Montana season

    Well, I left home with a Antelope & B elk tag and number 45 on the alternate list for a big game combo. I had already taken my first Antelope and at 4:45 pm Thursday October 18 I checked my email. I had a email from Montana FWP that said I had been drawn for a big game combo tag. I made the call...
  6. sneakypete

    My son's BC moose came home

    My son Greg's 2017 BC moose came home this week.
  7. sneakypete

    Next Great Adventure

    Well guys Wednesday my son and I leave for Northern BC for moose with Stone Mountain Safaris. This will be a two on one hunt. We're both ready to go. My son Greg who's 33 will be driving up with me and flying home October 2. We hope to be hunting in the middle of the rut. I'll add to this thread...
  8. sneakypete

    A sad day yesterday!

    Many of you may have watched the hunting show "Sheep Shape". We lost Rick Carone yesterday to the dreaded diease Cancer! I know Rick was an inspiration to myself while getting into shape for hunting season. He not only battled the diease, but helped raise money to fight it and bring awareness to...
  9. sneakypete

    Size 13 Scrapa's

    My son is selling a pair of Scrapa's bought at KUIU and only worn during break in. He paid $325 and is asking $250 shipped! If and when a deal is struck I'll gather contact info. Thanks in advance, Pete
  10. sneakypete

    Convergent predator Bluetooth call

    Does anyone have any experience with this call? I watched a hunting show the other night and the hunter was using this call. I'm thinking of getting a predator call and this call has it all. Thanks in advance.
  11. sneakypete

    Who's going to to the WILD SHEEP SHOW IN RENO

    Guys who's going ? I'll be there next Friday and Saturday. Friday I'll be attending the >1 beer reception and hopefully winning a sheep hunt! Matt, we could design the "BEE" shirt!
  12. sneakypete

    Pray for France and All Free people!

    I cannot grasp what happened in France last night! Innocent men, women and children lost there lives, injured and I ask WHY! Please take a moment and give these folks a thought, prayer. A family in Texas lost a dad, husband, a brother and a 11 year old son. Senseless !
  13. sneakypete

    Dallas PD,

    I cannot believe what we all saw on tv last night in Dallas! Those poor Police officers that are to " server and protect" we're doing there job yesterday and now five families won't have a husband, dad, grandpa...... Please keep them in our thoughts and prayers! May the injured heal quickly!
  14. sneakypete

    Getting on to EASTMANS forum

    Scott, Just wondering why it's been So difficult to get onto the forum site? My old way puts me thru the new EASTMANS subscriptions / Electronic / store site. Must of the time it says no server? Help
  15. sneakypete

    Sons new Proof Research 300 win mag

    My son ordered this Proof Research back in January and received it last week! Seven rounds fired at the range 190 grain black hills ammo. . Not bad either!
  16. sneakypete

    June 6, 1944

    D Day, The Greatest generation did what they had to do to free the world! THANK YOU!
  17. sneakypete

    Interphase goose back from taxidermist

    I got a call from my taxidermist that my goose was ready! I'm happy with him!
  18. sneakypete

    RMEF Banquet

    Well I scored at the Motherlode chapter dinner tonight. I won a safe and the Les Schwab browning x bolt 30 06! This is exactly why I support the RMEF!
  19. sneakypete

    How about those SF GIANTS

    Being no hit thru 7 1/3 innings, no problem Trevor Brown a rookie hits a two run homer game tied. Then in the bottom of the 9th, Brandon Crawford hits a opposite field walk off homer to beat. The dreaded Dodgers! It's an EVEN year! SF
  20. sneakypete

    Turkey's, let's see them

    Here's my first of the year, and my 12 year old son called him while I made the sneak on him in the thick oak trees. The trip was to have him take his first bird, but he didn't feel comfortable going run and gunning! Next time for him:)