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  1. NDHunter

    WY and MT antelope double

    Little late in posting but here are a few pics from my Wyoming and Montana trip this year. Drew a MT tag and also a 2nd choice WY tag and combined them into 1 trip. Found this guy in MT 2 days before the opener and then was able to get him just before sunrise on opening day. Then I...
  2. NDHunter

    WY Sage Grouse???

    So I'm going to be antelope hunting west of Casper in a couple weeks and just realized that I could maybe hunt sage grouse at the same time. Lo and behold I checked the regs and the season will be open. I'll be focusing on antelope but would love to spend a little time for grouse as well. Any...
  3. NDHunter

    Muzzle Brake?

    I've got a Tikka T3 Lite, .300 Win Mag and the thing kicks like a mule. I've been having troubles getting it to group well and had a friend shoot it the other day. He is a gun guru and said he got 2" groups out of it at 100 yards. He only tried one type of ammo and really recommended to get a...
  4. NDHunter

    WY Elk, who's in?

    So, is anybody else saying no to point building and trying to burn points this year and pull a tag? I've got my name in the hat with 7 points. Sure hoping to draw!
  5. NDHunter

    Uncle Ted... Seriously this guy. By far the most beneficial thing he could do for gunowners and sportsman would be to crawl under a rock and shut the hell up.
  6. NDHunter

    ND Poached Giant Mulie

    It's a shame but the story on this guy is that the deer was poached on an Indian Reservation. The guy in the pic is the warden. Rumor is it that it would be over 210".
  7. NDHunter

    WY Elk good or bad?

    So I just read Guy's "what really happened in the Wyoming big game draw" article and am now confused as hell about what he thinks about elk numbers in WY right now. In the WY MRS he wrote in the very first sentence "The general outlook for elk hunting in Wyoming is very good right now." In the...
  8. NDHunter

    Need 2 man tent/tipi with stove

    Anybody have recommendations for a tent or tipi for 2 guys with a stove? I am going to need one this fall for a november mule deer hunt in MT. Was looking at the Kifaru sawtooth or 4 man tipi or else a Seek Outside Cimarron or 4 man tipi. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. NDHunter

    2 man tent suggestions

    Hey guys, I need your advice on a tent in cold weather. I need to get something that is big enough for 2 guys that will also have a stove in it for late season hunting. I've been looking at tipis and tents from Seek Outside and Kifaru. Sounds like a 4 man is about the right size for 2 guys...
  10. NDHunter

    UT General Deer

    So I've been doing a little research for the Utah general deer tags. From what I've found out, there are some really good bucks that come out of those areas but also have lots of pressure. I'm mostly interested in archery since I'd be able to go out there in late August before any of the other...
  11. NDHunter

    Killer Vortex Sale

    If anyone has been wanting the 85mm Razor spotter, today is the day. On OpticsPlanet, they've got it for $1,200 right now and you can also use a code to get an additional 10% off with free shipping. $1,100 to your door! Also for some reason, that price doesn't always come up on my PC but if I...
  12. NDHunter

    Bino adapter for tripod?

    What do you guys use for adapting your binoculars to your tripod? Do you buy a special adapter or just rig something up? I keep reading about how much better you can glass while using a tripod and figure I need to start doing that.
  13. NDHunter

    Disappearing threads

    I've noticed lately that threads often disappear after I look at them or after I post something in them. Anybody else notice this too or maybe it's already been discussed?
  14. NDHunter

    CO 1st rifle elk dates

    Can somebody tell me the most likely dates for CO 1st rifle elk season in 2015 and 2016? Would it be the Oct. 10-14 this year and Oct. 8-12 next year? I'm just trying to plan out the next 2 years....
  15. NDHunter

    Centering a reticle

    Ok you optics guys, I need your help. What is the best way to center the crosshairs on a new scope? I've heard 2 methods. One is to press the scope up to a mirror and center the 2 reticles. The other method is to count the number of clicks and then click it back halfway. Some guys say one...
  16. NDHunter

    GPS Sale

    If anybody is looking for a new GPS for this fall, I think you'll have a hard time beating this price for a Garmin Oregon 550T...
  17. NDHunter

    Tenzing sale

    For the couple of guys lately asking about backpacks, is running a pretty good sale on Tenzing packs right now. I don't know a whole lot about them but have heard that they are excellent packs.
  18. NDHunter

    WY Tag quota proposals

    So here's a link to a page where you can look at the proposed tag quotas for Wyoming. I'd assume these will be pretty close to the actual quotas. I only looked at the Casper area and the tags got whacked pretty good! Should help though for the...
  19. NDHunter

    Philosophical help please

    I'm going a little off-topic today but hear me out. What does a person really mean when they say "not to be rude..." or "no offense but..." or "don't take this personal..."? If I say "don't take this personal but your wife is really ugly", how is a guy supposed to take that? It's totally...
  20. NDHunter

    What a bummer

    Daggonit, had I only increased my bid by $269,901 I could have been sheep hunting this year. Oh well, next year I guess.... :cool: