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  1. Timr245

    1st Kill With the Lefty Bow

    Was able to harvest this small 7pt this morning after missing the buck of a lifetime at 22yds, how I’ll never know. The trail cam photo from today was at the exact time I was 300yds away field dressing mine. This may very well be the one I missed. Oh well, thankful for the harvest and maybe...
  2. Timr245

    Finally! Wyoming Bound in 12hrs.

    Truck is 1/2 packed, gear lists triple checked, heading west at 7pm! Got about 2-1/2 days after arrival to find em before the opener. Got to scout the area in person this year, the anticipation made it hard to get to sleep last night.
  3. Timr245

    Range Day CDS Testing

    Just got done testing out my CDS dial from Leupold on my 6.5-300WBY. Even though it’s set for 8000’, here at 2000 this morning I was ringing steel consistently at 300, 500 & 600yds.....I’d say it’s on. Now I reload and wait, 12 days and counting.
  4. Timr245

    Mathews Halon 6 50/27

    Selling my Mathews Halon 6 with 50lb limbs and setup for 27” draw. Switching to lefty and had a few deals fall through so I figure it can’t hurt to list it here. Bow is in mint condition, just need to switch to more poundage for elk hunting. Has 7 pin IQ Micro sight, whisker biscuit rest, 8...
  5. Timr245

    To switch...Or not to switch

    So after this year I intend to pursue elk with archery equipment only. I currently shoot a Mathews Halon @ 56-ish-lbs & 27” draw length. Light on draw due to a fused wrist amd I hold it all with my thumb. With 440 gr total arrow weight I’m only @ 210fps. I feel like I’m limited to 30yds tops on...
  6. Timr245

    Good Stuff Right Here

    Everyone should watch this. To me this is an exceptional short film and details greatly who a lot of us are. Good stuff.
  7. Timr245

    To Scout.....Or Not To Scout

    As the title implies I’m debating my moves when I arrive in Wyoming this fall for my hunt. I’ve now been in my hunt area, seen good sign & animals near a few of my e-scouted locations. I’ll be arriving 2-1/2 days before the season opener, so I’m now wondering if early morning/late evening...
  8. Timr245

    First Lite Obsidian Merino Pant Review

    Picked up a pair of First Lite’s Obsidian Merino Pants last week hoping their claim of 20 to above 80 degree comfort was indeed true. Obviously right now I cant comment on anything under 70 but they are amazing pants so far. Ive been spending alot of time in them from loaded pack hikes to just...
  9. Timr245

    Scouting Trip / Sightseeing Trip Booked!

    The wife and I will soon (August 16th), be en route to Wyoming for a speedy 3 day sightseeing & camping locations weekend. Maybe I can even get in a few hikes and glassing. Very excited to get shoes on the turf before I make the trip to hunt!!!
  10. Timr245

    First Time Using Elk Calls

    As the post implies, my new set of elk calls from arrived today. I will be rifle hunting this October but I figured learning this would help pass some of the 3 months and 29 days I have until I head west. Never having been a turkey hunter or having diaphragm call experience, this is...
  11. Timr245

    And We Wonder Why Some General Public Hates Hunting.... Ya know...I...
  12. Timr245

    Gym Playlists

    Lets see what everyone is listening to when they're getting in shape for the hunt. Songs, artists, whatever you'd like... I'll go first Parkway Drive - Vice Grip, Prey, Devil's Calling, The Void Godsmack - Bulletproof, When Legends Rise Papa Roach - Gravity, Help Breaking Ben - Follow, Until...
  13. Timr245

    Pack weight? Who weighs theirs and how much?

    Wondering where you guys are coming in for pack weight. In my last hunt I stayed in a cabin and returned every night. This trip I will be in a wall tent with the possibility of some coyoting nights. Without a spike tent or related goods, what are your daypacks weighing in at with just hunting...
  14. Timr245

    Archery or Rifle

    Assuming I draw my first Wyoming elk tag here in a few hours, I?m then left with the decision of what season I will hunt. Curious who would go into a unit for the first time, solo, having never archery hunted for elk and give it a shot vs who would use the extra reach of the rifle to help close...
  15. Timr245

    Hunting Opening Week VS Hunting a "Better" Moon

    As the title of the post entails, I'm battling with myself over whether I should be in camp on opening day of rifle season which will very likely fall perfectly with a full moon and possibly still some rutting activity or wait until the following week which will be a better hunter's moon with...
  16. Timr245

    Lincoln Park Campground Saratoga / Ryan Park Area

    Has anyone ever made base camp at the Lincoln Park campground near Saratoga. Wondering if that may be a good place to set up camp and work from there via all the travel methods (foot, UTV and truck). I see it is closed by elk rifle season but is still able to be used. Also trying to find out if...
  17. Timr245

    Wall Tent Suggestions

    Hello all, for lack of a tent-specific section in the gear area, I'm posting here to see what everyone would suggest for a wall tent. I've looked at everything from "The Wall Tent" to the Cabela's Alaknak. I plan to use this tent for years to come on Wyoming and Colorado elk hunts, so...
  18. Timr245

    Unit 24 Elk 3rd Rifle

    Hello there all. Due to a crazy work schedule this summer/fall I was unable to get boots on the ground in unit 24 where 3 buddies and I will be hunting the 3rd rifle for elk, for our first time. Just hoping to catch some last-minute tips and insight from anyone willing to share anything about...
  19. Timr245

    Colorado Flat Tops / WMU 24

    Hi all! New member here from the east coast planning an elk hunt to the Flat Tops area of Colorado, WMU 24 & in particular the Trapper's Lake area. Just looking for any advice/insight on this area, elk population, huntability, which season may be best etc. All advice or precautions welcome...