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  1. brianboh

    Kenetrek 400 gram insulation

    300 shipped to your door
  2. brianboh

    Kenetrek 400 gram insulation

    These are still for sale if someone wants a quality boot for the coming up season.
  3. brianboh

    Kenetrek 400 gram insulation

    regular width
  4. brianboh

    Kenetrek 400 gram insulation

    I am contemplating on selling my Kenetrek's. They are a 10.5. They are not new but in good condition with no issues. I have brand new insoles in them (superfeet guide). They are broke in and have wax applied on a regular basis. I will put a fresh coat on them. The rands are in very good shape...
  5. brianboh

    Wyoming Mountain Goat unit 3

    Here are some of the pics of the goat.
  6. brianboh

    Wyoming Mountain Goat unit 3

    Does any one have any advice for this unit. We have 16 days left to fill a tag and we are having a difficult time finding a goat. With all of the snow yesterday it is very difficult spotting them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. brianboh

    Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400

    I have a pair of Kenetrek Mountain Extreme for sale. They are 10.5 and are broke in. I would put them at a 8 out of 10 in shape. This is being conservative. They are a little so small for my feet. They actually fit just a little to snug when going down a hill. They were recently serviced by...
  8. brianboh

    New in box Vortex Viper pst

    I have a new vortex viper pst 6x24x50. I think they are selling for about 800 but I am open to offers. It has never been taken out of the box
  9. brianboh

    New Rifle Build

    I am in the starting stage of building a 6.5x284. What are your thoughts. Do I go with a Remington receiver from PTG that has been trued with a one piece bolt and a M16 extractor for 640 or suck it up and go with a true custom receiver like a stiller for 950?
  10. brianboh

    Cabelas has Super good Deal on Leupold V-6 CDS

    Saw yesterday they are selling them for 7 and change. They are 6x18x44 with the CDS. They typically run 1299. However per Leupold they are coming out with a new version in 2017 with updated glass.
  11. brianboh

    New Puppy Gun

    Alright I am planning on buying a gun to kill some puppies. I would like to get a caliber that would be big enough for my wife to shoot deer and antelope. Does anyone recommend a caliber that wont be tough on the puppy hides but be stout enough to knock down a deer or antelope. I was leaning...
  12. brianboh

    Like New Drake Waders

    I have a pair of Drake LST Waders that I have worn three times. Zero leaks and in great shape. They are Shadow Branch and a size 11. I wear a 10.5 and they are just a hair big. The only reason I am selling is because the inseam is to short for me. I am a 36 inseam and they are a 34 and very...
  13. brianboh

    Defiance Action

    Does anyone know where to get a good deal on a defiance action? I am looking at building a rifle before next elk season.
  14. brianboh

    Bad Luck

    So I had posted a picture of a Whitetail that I was hunting in Wyoming. All of the general seasons closed and I am fortunate to have a late season tag. I went to put up a Locon Friday after work. After I hung the stand I decided to sit until dark. After sitting in the stand for 5 minutes I catch...
  15. brianboh

    WY Stud

    I had a picture of this buck in Aug but just a side view up close. I knew he was big but no idea this big. I think he will go in the mid 160's and fingers crossed be a booner. I had not checked my camera since late august. What you think? I am about to start a mission.
  16. brianboh

    Thorofare Bull

    As you may have seen I had a thread called dilemma. In the thread I had mentioned I killed a bull in the Thorofare. This is him. He is a main frame 6x6 with an extra set of browtines above his main browtines. He is not a giant but I am sure tickled to death. The trip started when I moved to...
  17. brianboh


    So I am going to make it short. Last week we went into the Torofare (30miles) and my buddy shot a Giant 7x6 at 7 steps. Something went wrong and he hit the bull low. We tracked him about a mile and jumped him up. 5 hours later. He hit him just behind the shoulder all the way to the vanes. I...
  18. brianboh

    Arrow Quiver

    Does anyone have an issue with grouping with he quiver attached, I always shoot without one but since I am stalking antelope it doesn't seem an option. With it attached my groups go to chit I take it off and I can group a baseball at 80 yards.
  19. brianboh

    Rude Awakening

    Well I was in for a rude awakening yesterday. I started my first antelope hunt and I have to tell you about it. I knew it would be difficult but WAYYYY more difficult than I thought. All I can say is Wow on how those buggers can see. I hunted all day and the closest I got was 85 yards. Hell I...
  20. brianboh

    What are your thoughts on the Vortex Razor 11-33 x 50

    My concerns are is it a big enough spotting scope for Western WY. I really like the size and weight but not sure if it is under power for what I will be using it for.