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  1. dustin ray

    Success in Arizona

    After five days of hard hunting not seeing many deer We got lucky and glassed up this guy out in the flats we closed the distance with the last 300 yards belly crawled threw the sage then waited 2 hours for him to stand up from his bed
  2. dustin ray

    Success in Nevada

    Fun weekend helping my son fill his tag
  3. dustin ray

    Thanks again Arizona game and fish

    Got a call form a sweet lady over at Az game and fish she informs me that there was a deer tag returned 12bw early and i was next in line she was giving me a couple of days to make my descision if i wanted to take the tag of corse i said yes . Im pretty excited about this hunt also im stoked...
  4. dustin ray

    6.5 PRC ammo help

    New gun on the way What is the best store bought ammo for this caliber If your where going to hand load what bullet and grains , powder and weight and primer
  5. dustin ray

    Los Angeles Couty Sheriff close gun stores

    So much for the second amendment If your on IG look this guy up Warriorone_tactical interesting guy he says he aint closing his gun store
  6. dustin ray

    Nevada posable draw changes

    1 25 %of the tags go to max point holders 2 reduce the number of choices from 5 to 3 3 no more than 50% of the tags in any unit can be awarded to max point holders Anybody have more info about this
  7. dustin ray

    2020 AZ Draw Results Countdown

    Im not expecting to draw but some friends and family have a good chance should be a good year
  8. dustin ray

    No game cams in AZ ?

    Is it correct that two bills were passed eliminating camera use from June 1 to Dec 1 and being illegal to hunt within 100 yards of any water tank state wide? Any here know if this is corect
  9. dustin ray

    Game cam video

    My camera caught this Elk getting shot by another hunter
  10. dustin ray

    Tred Barta

    I just read Tred Barta passed 8/11 prayers to his family
  11. dustin ray


    8:20 tonight strong EarthQuake we felt strong in Alta loma CA
  12. dustin ray

    Thanks AZ fish and game

    With the draw behind us and all the disappoint of not drawing a tag iv moved on putting my hopes for a good tag on the Nevada or Idaho then my phone rings from Phoenix AZ its this sweet lady from F&G and she tells my somebody turned in a late archery bull tag and im next in line. So i got a tag...
  13. dustin ray

    Go fund the wall

    At the rate folks are donating this go fund me account will have the money before the spinless dopes in congress will
  14. dustin ray

    Sons AZ muzzy Elk

    This hunt started 10 years ago building points to some day archery Elk hunt unit 9 this hunt takes 16 or more points this year we decided to put in for unit 10 late muzzy hunt as first choice and the stars must have been aligned because my son drew the tag this hunt also take at least 15 points...
  15. dustin ray

    Cougar attack one dead one injured
  16. dustin ray

    CA wild pigs under attack

    From A Email i got from SCI delete.jpg Member Alert Oppose California AB 2805 SCI strongly opposes AB 2805, legislation that could destroy wild pig populations. Please use SCI's Action Center to contact your state legislators now and tell them you oppose AB 2805. Assembly Bill 2805 is...
  17. dustin ray

    AZ unit 10 muzzleloader

    My son and i have had dreams of hunting unit 9 or 10 archery bull elk a few years ago i decided to burn my points on a cow tag in unit 9 id rather hunt cow elk every two or three years than wait for a bull tag and also get to know the unit better for when my son might get a tag well last year we...
  18. dustin ray

    Eastman's January review

    No animals where harmed or killed crossbows are bad your 30-06 sucks CNN is fake news AZ draw deadline feb18 -----?what did i miss :)
  19. dustin ray

    Nevada rancher Wayne Hage

    Pine creek ranch in Nevada has an interesting past with Wayne Hage who was one cool guy and his story of fighting the goverment to save his ranch was amazing
  20. dustin ray

    120 deer killed

    some 120 deer killed when they slipped on ice sheet