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  1. raspy

    Warmest socks or boots for cold weather sits

    What has anyone found or used out there for the warmest socks or boots. Been putting in long hours in the bow stand with windchills down to -10 and everything is warm besides my feet. Dang I hate having frozen toes. I run a pair of sorels with Duluth trading post heavy socks. Also been using my...
  2. raspy

    Swarovski warranty

    Well I recently learned something the hard way and am posting this just in case someone is looking to buy any Swarovski product. I had a mishap with my slc 10x42 binoculars that resulted in the magnesium housing coming loose. Called Swarovski right away to get them sent in and fixed. Once they...
  3. raspy

    Canvas Wall tent recommendations

    I?m curious on everyone?s thoughts and inputs are on wall tents. In your opinion what?s the best brand? I?ve been looking at 10x14 tents with a floor. Looked at army tents from a surplus store but all they had was a 16x32 and don?t need something that big for 2 guys. Also how thick of canvas...
  4. raspy

    What has everyone saw for birds this year

    Just curious to see what everyone's bird numbers looked like for this year? Seemed like one weekend they were here and the next gone. Highest of high and lowest of low season I've ever seen. But with that still beats sitting inside all day. What are your thoughts on this waterfowl season?
  5. raspy

    Cabelas outfitter binocs

    went into cabelas last weekend and had a broken pair of cabelas alpha binocs that I let rattle around in my pickup for a few years before finally the eye piece popped out and wouldn't stay in. Well after talking to the pro at the optics counter they gave me a new pair of cabelas outfitters for...
  6. raspy

    Any one else?

    Anyone else seeing the smoke haze from the Alberta fire? It just rolled into nd yesterday with the nw wind. Curious if anyone else is experience it as well.
  7. raspy

    Need some thoughts

    im currently trying to set up a bow hunt for idaho and i need some thoughts or maybe some advice. Im taking my old man with and we want to chase elk and mule deer. ive been on the idaho game and fish website searching for stats and im considering going to unit 29. Has anyone ever hunted this...
  8. raspy

    New guy from ND

    Hello all, im a new guy here and this is my first forum ive been on ever. Not big on social media but figured there is alot of good info out there so i joined eastmans. My passion is bow hunting and DIY hunts in new places. Hunted nebraska, minnesota, south dakota, north dakota, colorado and...