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  1. Montana

    DIY elk euro hanger

    Post some pics if you can...
  2. Montana

    Point Creep

    Not sure what late season unit 64 is at but I’d bet it’s right around there. Super fun hunt with quality bulls. If interested I’d share my experience.
  3. Montana

    Bulls Taken in 2020 with what bullet and caliber combos?

    Sat in one spot sun up to sun down. Trickiest part was not sweating getting into that spot with all that snow on the ground. It was tough.
  4. Montana

    Video of Snowy Range Moose Hunt

    Congratulations. Amazing country. Those special tags come with a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. I’m glad you were able to have great success.
  5. Montana

    Bulls Taken in 2020 with what bullet and caliber combos?

    Well I have more but can’t upload. Oh well try again later :)
  6. Montana

    Bulls Taken in 2020 with what bullet and caliber combos?

    I think I shared my love for the 28 Nosler more than a few times. This was by far the most mentally challenging year for me. I really wanted to break 350. Passed on over 50 bulls trying but ultimately ate the tag. But had no doubt the 28 Nosler with a 195 grn would have laid one down. Here’s...
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    Merry Christmas Eastmans' Forum

    Merry Christmas everyone!! 😁👍🎄
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    WTB - Broken Trailcams

    I’ve got some problems on my property and I am wanting to liter the property with trailcams. I’m looking for broken or inoperable cameras to serve as dummies. If you have something laying around that doesn’t work anymore, I am interested. Thanks in advance.
  9. Montana

    Bulls Taken in 2020 with what bullet and caliber combos?

    Ahhhh.... not sure who can follow after that picture of your bull. Way to kill a party 😂😂 Congrats on a beauty.
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    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    Oh baby... hot topic. Just remember, this $h!t is real. As we all know this topic has caused SIGNIFICANT pain, confusion, frustration, the list goes on, in our everyday lives. People have lost jobs, marriages and even lives over it. I can see this becoming a hot topic so just remember, It is...
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    Too heavy... I think you should sell yours 😁😁
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    Thank you for this... I too prefer the flip lock. Where did you end up purchasing that set up? What head is that? Any creep at all? I too have thought about just getting the outdoorsman head. Something to consider I guess.
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    Can anyone think of or remember a thread doing a tripod comparison? I tried to search it but came up empty handed. Or maybe an old Eastmans that did a gear review and comparison? I am considering the outdoorsman but they are just so dang expensive. Thanks in advance.
  14. Montana

    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    No chance here... 2 years down the road when everyone is dead and they say.... dang. We missed that part. Hard pass
  15. Montana

    Christensen arms

    That picture of the elk in the scope might be one of my all time favorite pictures. That is awesome:) For some reason I cannot take any pictures through my rifle scope. LOVE it 😊
  16. Montana

    What Do You Consider Long Range?

    Here’s that bull I referenced. Pulled off the trigger and switched to the phoneskope.
  17. Montana

    What Do You Consider Long Range?

    I love this topic so I have to add my 2 cents.... I have to go with 600 yards. This year I harvested my 13th animal over 500 yards and only 2 of them have been over 600. Obviously not due to opportunity but due to the conditions, wind being the biggest variable in my opinion. I shoot out to 1100...
  18. Montana

    2020 Whitetail Success Thread

    Well I thought I’d throw my season on... couple bucks over many many days of hunting. Ate my elk tag once again. Passed on over 60 bulls searching for the giant. I better not get started :) wrong thread.