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    Best Hunting Gear

    ? You want the best as in tried & true or the best as in most expensive? You want mountain hunting stuff or just generic hunting stuff? ?
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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    The only muley I ever shot was on my butt with elbows on knees and rifle in shooting stick - solid as a rock...
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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    I carry a shooting stick. Know how to use a sling too. Love it when I can rest my rifle and my right elbow on something - so solid!
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    Son gets his 2nd bow kill

    Excellent. Amazing how some of them head into the water.
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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    Ammo is small and easy to carry. Hunting, I typically carry 10 rounds plus whatever is in the rifle. At camp will be a full box and the rest in the truck.
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    Muzzleloader Scope

    I've got a CVA Optima w 2-7 Viper but swapping that out to a VX-2 or maybe just a Banner 4x. No ML permit this year so no hurry.
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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    Yes - lots of speculation. Wish we could err on the side of knowing what happened and we likely never will. Court hearing might provide light but a whole bunch of lives are already ruined because of this. I don't know what one of those decoys looks like in the woods... Guess I'm grasping at...
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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    It's amazing what happens in the woods. I and a buddy were hunting opposite ends of a 400+ yard long road. I was on one side about 75 yards and he on the other but at opposite end. We had an agreement that he'd stay in stand until I got there and we'd walk out. Trying to be safe. I got out...
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    Once in a lifetime...ND Elk Tag!

    That was an excellent adventure! Many Congratulations!
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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    If that's true, that changes things. Those silk screen decoy things are picture perfect.
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    2021 Fishing

    Sept 19 - Wahoo
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    Gear guys need some help

    You're a nice guy. If you can't figure the solar thing, why not send him batteries? Is there a reason you can't ship batteries? Not too pricey at Costco or Sams. Maybe order em online and have the supplier ship them? Couple thoughts: We ended up getting an Energizer lantern that takes diff...
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    Gun/scope combo

    I have a 4-12 Redfield Illuminator. It is the glass equivalent of the modern Viper, maybe a little better and has a heavier. more visible reticle. I'd sit with it on 6x for generic stand sitting with shots to 250 yards.
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    Sorta Gear Related

    Very Nice! It's about 75 minutes 1-way to the range i shoot at and it is max of 250 yards if you shoot off a berm.
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    Gun/scope combo

    The 6.5x low end seems high for close up shooting but if you are mountaintop shooting, it'll serve well. Now go shoot an elk at 30 yards with it - just keep both eyes open and you'll be fine!
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    EHD in WY? Anyone know anything about this? I got it off Rokslide.
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    Something to look at - whitetails

    Real nice looking bucks. I like the first one the best of the 3. Getting ready to start scouting for an Oct 1-6 public land quota archery hunting "season" down here. Hoping for a 6 pt.
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    I was at work and a muslim we worked with was cheering int he breakroom until a 6-2+ Mr. Clean type came tearing thru pissed off beyond belief. Mr. Clean moved onto the fire department and as far as I know if still there... I will never forgot that and forever remember that not everyone saw...
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    New crossbow

    The CP Sniper deserves the credit it gets. Not a bad for the $. A little while behind the trigger and suddenly you are slinging the arrows of death! LOL! Hope your season goes well.
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    New crossbow

    Always enjoy a good sale. Back in 2017 the Gander near here went belly up and had close-outs. Bought a lot of stuff there - best was a pair of Pronghorn boots for $40 or $60 and a pair of Gander knock-off for $10. As for the X bow - You should enjoy it. I bought a Centerpointe Sniper for...