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    WY Tag numbers are up

    proposed numbers and dates are up on the public comment section
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    NR Sheep/Goats etc to 10%

    I mentioned this a while back after it was drawn up. Seems reasonable to me especially when a nr has better odds than a resident in some cases.
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    AZ Sheep MRS

    Just wanted to say it was well done. I've seen a few comments expressing appreciation for the detailed info. Additionally, If you're applying this year, only 1 tag was drawn by a NR in the Bonus Pass last year (2013); hunt 6005, so if that holds for 2014 you'll have almost all the nr tags in...
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    Arizona Draw changes

    A few of us have been discussing these for a few months now. R... 114: Note that only HALF the NR tag allotment will be available in the Bonus Pass draw. If you're a NR sitting on dbl digit points, your wait is about to get a whole lot longer. If you're getting in the game now, things will be a...
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    WY Corner Jumping legislation HB0235

    I asked admin to delete. sorry. Got excited and didn't look close enough.