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    Family's 2020 season!

    Beyond blessed to have such a great season! Wife was the big buck killer in our family and my daughter killed a 152” 8 point! All of our bucks were mature and the memories made are priceless!
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    Daughter’s big 8

    152 7/8” 8 point and a new family record for 8 points.
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    It’s official.....he’s over 80”

    After the drying buck broke the 80” mark. I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to hunt the great state of Wyoming!
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    Old warrior

    Filled my bow tag on this old buck.
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    Wife let the muzzleloader bark! New PB!!!

    Glassed this guy yesterday morning....set up on him last pm. He cam in on a string!
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    7 years worth of points.....paid off!

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    Dream Season Mounts

    Thought I would share a pic of my 2019 bucks after they were mounted. I am truly blessed to hunt exceptional property!I a
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    My 2019 buck of a lifetime!

    Monday night I was presented a 12 yard shot at my buck of a lifetime ! The arrow flew true and the deer did not make it far. Truly blessed to have an opportunity at this buck.
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    Deer for deer hunt.

    I have excellent deer hunting in Southern Iowa.....all on private farms. Looking to trade a hunt for a mule deer hunt out west. Drop me a email of this is of interest to you. I have pics and references of folks that have hunted with me in the past.
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    Bucks in senior pictures!

    Daughter graduated in May and leaves for college this is one of her senior pictures with her bucks.
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    Wife?s 2017 buck

    2017 treated her well....looking forward to 2018!
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    Deer for deer?

    Excellent whitetail hunting in Iowa for a western deer hunt. I have a few pics posted under other deer section on this forum.
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    Outfitter or diy

    Best place to kill a representative bull? Not looking for a giant just a good representative animal? Any opinions? Currently have 4 points in Wyoming. Don't need a area just opinions.
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    4 pts for goats in 2016

    Two of us are traveling from Iowa.....we will have 4 pts each this year. Any opinions on going into special draw and getting a better than average unit? We were possibly thinking of 73 w/o the special draw to scout for mule deer too for following years. Or is it better to join w another group...
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    2015 great year for deer

    I started the year with my daughter hunting youth season......she killed a great deer and I was with her as she passed 6 bucks and decided to harvest the one she did. Early gun my wife had a opportunity on a great buck.....but it was spooked by a doe (that doe ended up in the freezer). This past...
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    Daughter sealed the deal!!!!

    This was the first year she decided what to shoot or pass....after 3 sits, she passed 6 bucks and killed the 7th. I am way proud of her! Here are a few pics.
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    Daughters target buck!

    Youth season starts Saturday. Here is her #1.
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    Looking to trade a Iowa deer hunt for a mule deer hunt.

    Anyone out west interested in hunting Iowa......currently building points in Wyoming. I have hunted 34 in years past. Here are two from 2014 killed by my daughter and I.
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    Daughter's trophy.

    Picked up my fourteen year olds buck today. Way proud of her!!!!! 2014 was very good to us!!!!