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  1. Ca_Vermonster

    Colorado CC hit....

    Guess the point creep must not have been too bad, my credit card just got hit for $412.......;)
  2. Ca_Vermonster

    A little different

    Haven't been on here for quite a while, gotta get back into it. Anyway, went back to Vermont to hunt Thanksgiving week. We get to hunt a golf course, consisting of just over 600 acres. Usually drive out to the blinds in a pickup, but figured we would try and alternate route this day. My 13...
  3. Ca_Vermonster

    Son's first deer hunt (Vermont Youth)

    Well, the last couple months, my Dad Has Been Working Hard To prep his stand in Vermont to be able to hold 3 of us, as I planned on bringing my Son back there to hunt the youth weekend. Vermont is a great state to start, where the kids get 2 days on the weekend before the regular rifle season to...