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    EHD in WY? Anyone know anything about this? I got it off Rokslide.
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    Time to buy points.

    Getting another speed goat point. Anyone NOT buying points cause of the 90/10 thing?
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    9 days

    Waiting impatiently. Just wanna know so can get on with my life. WY and FL (quota) results come out about the same time. Driving me nuts.
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    How'd you do? Was there a serious point creep/jump?
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    CVA Optima Muzzleloader

    Needed a distraction :rolleyes: - picked up a CVA Optima - SS, 26 inch barrel, got the iron sight version to have that capability but will install scope. 1:28 twist. Wanted a 200 yard ML and will work to get this one there. Have 1 piece scope mount on the way for a 3-9x40 VX-2. Based on...
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    Guided Cow Elk Hunt?

    Seems like a lot of stuff going on this year - hoping for 2021 antelope. 2022 was gonna go to CO for muley so buddy could get one. During course of discussing antelope adventure, he says he'd rather skip antelope/muley and do elk or caribou. Thing is we both have budgets and he doesn't want...
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    Use 3 pts or wait til I hit 5 or 6 points?

    Three guys collecting points, want a decent hunt - not a trophy hunt but a 3 old buddies getting out to hunt without headaches and shooting "any" antelopes. Do we go in 2022 or wait until 2025? I haven't done the research yet - just throwing it out there.
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    Less Permit Applications?

    I don't apply for a lot of states, just 1 or 2 - both application periods are now and later. Do you-all think that less folks are even going to apply for hunting this year?
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    Binocular Question

    I have the 10x42 Leupold Mojave Cabelas version binocular and love it for all the uses it has back east. Then I tried it on my 2019 hunt. We had some muley does bedded at 400 yds and could see em if you knew where you were looking. Buddy had newer sub-$200 Leupolds that showed em a tad bit...
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    Horn Hunter Main Beam XL

    Pack is as-new. Purchased in late 2018/early 2019 for what was supposed to be a back country hunt and ended up truck hunting. Pack was used a few times around home and a few times in CO 2019 season. Never seen meat, blood, or even dead animals - the couple times I wore it were just "walks in...
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    2021 W

    After the concept of WY going to 10% and bumping Mule deer up to 550, mentioned it to a buddy and he wants to go next year. Seems like a good idea. With 2 pts should we look at units (maybe special draw) or general permits?
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    Decided on Caliber - Now need to decide on Rifle

    After some consideration, thought and looking at the ammo available around here - gonna run with the 6.5 CM for a new rifle. A little research showed that with similar bullets, the 6.5 CM and 7mm-08 are basically identical out to 500 yds. I just can't readily get the 7mm-08 ammo around here -...
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    Opening Day 2019

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    Rethinking Deer Gun

    Getting tired of shooting 30-06 - I shoot 243 a lot better and ultimately shot my muley this year with the 243. What I didn't like was the buck shrugging off a high shoulder shot - 100 gr Federal blue box soft point at 215 yards. Upon cleaning him, there was a pencil-punch hole in the shoulder...
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    CO Plains

    I had never been to CO but heard good stuff about a unit and decided to go. My almost 80 yo dad wanted to go and a buddy from NY. The weather turned cold while we were there - dropped from 70 to 17 during the day. Windy enough for dad to stay in tent with heater going. Got 2-4 inches of...
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    Cow Call

    Seen Randy Newberg standing on a rock calling with a cow call tube. Does that stuff really work? What kind of tube cow call works? If you look for the general discussion hearing aid post you'll find I can't hear. I'd only do it out of it working otherwise I'm fine just sitting there. Same...
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    CO Trespass Laws?

    I'm new to wanting to hunt CO. Looking at a unit with a lot of private land - some of the public parcels are "checkerboard". In WY there needed to be a numbered public road to drive to public land, if it wasn't a numbered road you were trespassing. Sure cut out a lot of public land with that...
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    WTT Leica ER Scope for Spotter or sell

    Moderator - Please delete.
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    What is it about elk?

    I see harvests of 10-20% being norm, some places boast 40-50%. What is it that makes them so tough? Is it the large areas, steep mountains, long legs? What is it?
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    Early Season Archery COW Elk Recommendation ?

    Can you guys help point me in the right direction for a WY DIY public land early season cow elk archery hunt? I'm not afraid of research, asking questions, or walking/climbing, etc. I lost 35 pounds and got in much better shape to do the antelope hunt and could probably lose another 20 or...