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    Elk hunting arrows

    I've killed numerous whitetail with my bow and understand I will need a heavier arrow for elk. I was just wanting to know what arrows and how heavy everyone shot. I have 2 bows that I hunt with: 1) 65lbs, 386 grain arrow, 300fps 2) 65lbs, 405 grain arrow, 288fps Will either of these set-ups...
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    Question on how moon phase affects elk movement

    We are in the planning stage for our 2017 Colorado elk hunt. We were planning on trying to draw a 2nd or 3rd season cow tag and continue to learn the GMU and would prefer 3rd, but when we looked at the moon phase it will be just coming off a full moon when the 3rd season starts. Should we worry...
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    New member from Texas

    I have been following this forum for sometime and finally decided to stop lurking in the dark and join. The members of this forum seem to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I just hope I can contribute as well as everyone else.