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  1. ColoradoV

    Colorado 21 quota changes

    Are at the link. Very seldom to never has the comission rejected the requested license quota's.
  2. ColoradoV

    2 Days

    Here is a quick question for you mule deer hunters.. Would you expect to kill a high country archery buck w only 2 days to hunt? Feel free to comment what percentage or in 2 days there is a 70% chance or a 20% chance - of putting a respectable buck in the pack. So high country, archery gear...
  3. ColoradoV

    High country mulies 21' who's in??

    Man it is that time of the year again and as most plains have been made and just wondering who else will be out chasing velvet mulies in the high country? I was just looking back over some of the past years threads and hunts guys have had in the past decade or so fun to look back at for sure...
  4. ColoradoV

    Scouting 2020

    Well it’s that time of the year again so who is getting out this year? There are a couple bucks I very much hope made the winter.. Feel free to add any pics or reports from where you go as it is always fun to see what guys are turning up. Here is one I found compact but good mass and...
  5. ColoradoV

    2020 Colo license quotas

    Are at the link below - enjoy.
  6. ColoradoV

    Sea to summit deal..

    Pretty good pads if you are looking for a deal they are on sale. I picked up one for the wife.
  7. ColoradoV

    Gunnison now “locals only”

    They are joining San Juan county in closing all public lands with the exception of folks with a local residence. Other counties are going to follow suit. Sounds like they are planning to keep it closed through July..
  8. ColoradoV

    High Country Muleys 2020 who's in?

    That time of the year again when plans are finalized and wondering who will be in the high country early seasons to chase Muleys this year? My wife will draw a muzzy tag here in Colorado and this will be her first season w a tag in hand. She has always joined me on a couple scouting trips...
  9. ColoradoV

    More Colorado archery OTC units to move to draw only

    The CPW has identified several units in the SW part of the state that will most likely become limited next year or in 2020. From who I talk with this change at this point is almost a sure thing = just waiting for the vote of the commissioners to approve the change. Needless to say for most this...
  10. ColoradoV

    Scouting 2019

    Well anyone getting out? What are you seeing this year? Are numbers where you are up, down, or sideways? High or low big or small it is fun to see them all! I have been out about 12 days so far total - all over - got a night in my own bed last night and then off again here in a few til...
  11. ColoradoV

    2019 License Quota's

    Are at the link. While these have not been voted on - the commission has never gone against the recommended quota's. Interesting but IMO more politics than reality..
  12. ColoradoV

    Gunnison Basin Winter

    The winter kill in the Gunnison Basin will in the words of the CPW be "extreme" again. The 60's will fair better than the 50's but it is not good. I took a drive Sunday and saw over 50 dead deer then lost the stomach and gave up literally too many for the coyotes to eat. I saw 1 live fawn but...
  13. ColoradoV

    Caus We Could All Use Some Velvet..

    Got a bit of time and put together a fuzzy video of some the bucks from this past year. Or on another snowy day - looking forward to lazy days in August spent on the mountain hiking basins fishing and looking for bucks. Kinda takes a bit to put them together but I also post a some of them that...
  14. ColoradoV

    Fresh sheds

    Ran into this guy the other day and had to get a quick video.
  15. ColoradoV

    High Country Muleys 19 Who's In?

    Always fun to see who is planning on gettin up high in 2019 to hunt mule deer. It does not matter bow, muzzy, or rifle who thinks they will be in higher elevations come late summer chasing some velvet?
  16. ColoradoV

    Mule Deer Rut

    The rut is starting to wind down but been a fun year watching some rutting bucks. Got some time and put together a video of some action from the past couple of weeks.
  17. ColoradoV

    Stage 3 declared public land closed!!

    The USFS around here closed the entire San Juan national forest... So no hunting and fishing or use of public lands... I was told by folks in the know that the stage 3 ban (s) will likely start to move north and east. Think Swatch range, Sangres, Gunnison range, and Collegiate peaks will be...
  18. ColoradoV

    Co Draw Odds...

    After the change interesting the huge increase in apps this year for sheep/goat. When moose comes out I would expect even a bigger increase.. I would expect deer and elk to go up as well. Or point creep for NR has changed to a point race.. Stats from CPW about sheep/goat are below. Desert...
  19. ColoradoV

    Colo Tag Numbers...

    Are posted at the link. They will be voted on in early May and will be final only after the vote - but these will be the numbers. All 193 pages of it..
  20. ColoradoV

    What a long strange trips its been

    Followed this study for a few years now - interesting animals these mule deer..,-reappearance-stun-uw-researchers.html