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    32 Hour Blacktail Hunt (What Would You Do?)

    You have roughly 32 hours access to a parcel of land holding some nice bucks. You’ve never scouted it. No overnight camping. (lets say dawn to dusk, until noon of next day). How do you make the most of it? I’ll start: 1. Dawn: Quiet, walk/sneak up on the clear cuts, look for ambush...
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    New from Oregon

    Hello from Oregon. Thought I'd get involved in the community since I'll be hunting alone a lot more now. My son is heading into the Marines. He's a 4 point student, a saxophone player, a wrestler; he could get a free ride anywhere, but he just has that urge to go DO something. So I'll be on my...
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    Oregon national Forest elk

    Hey there. My son drew a cow elk tag for Santiam. We have until about the end of March I believe. I cannot quite remember the rules about antlers and national Forest land. I scoured the regulations but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I believe national Forest land is three-point or better...